Health and joyousness or the lack of it is directly correlated for the Libra born natives in the year 2017.  Health will bring either joy or stress would bring wear and tear to it.

Astral significance says that there could be some possibilities of the Librans overworking themselves and then feeling burnt out with a complete lack of energy. There are also certain indications and possibilities of them contracting some kind of food poisoning or various other digestive problems during the year.

It would be advisable for them to avoid fatigue to avoid stress related disorders. This year, due to excessive job related or other mental pressure or else wise activities, the Libra born would be well advised to cultivate a hobby or a habit.

Your mental energy will be alert and at their best this year, just do not let stress bring you down.

Planetary Positions
Excepting Jupiter, all the long standing planets are in a harmonious conjunction to your health aspect this year, and since the sixth house which is your house of health not energized; there will be little cause to worry about health.  There of course spates and periods of up and down of health but those will be handled with time and proper diets and exercises. The planets when in an inauspicious position will cause these kinds of erratic health situations for you.

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The Air element in your sign is definitely extremely prominent this year Libra.  The air element will have a direct synergy with your intellect and you mental simulation.

It may result in erratic or hyper active thought process. But excessive erratic or running thought process in your mind may result in sleeplessness, insomnia or acute mental anxiety, which in turn could make you listless and leave you without any energy.

Neptune is your health planet and it rules the feet. This is an indication that the Libra born can keep in good health by taking care of their feet and massaging them on a regular manner. Aquarius rules the body part of ankles, and thus it would be good to keep them also in ship shape and thoroughly massaged. Neptune particularly indicates unorthodox healing methods and these may include chiropractics or acupuncture etc.

There could be some fall outs of the over indulgence from having too much of a good life. Too much enjoyment of the various things that life has to offer will definitely cause certain health ailments.  To keep you in shape and in good health the Libra born must do some exercises and involve themselves in regular physical activities.

Diet Suggestions
It would be extremely prudent to cut down on sugar and junk foods. Use honey or ‘stevia’ instead of sugar and use them in your tea, coffees and juices. Cut down on your junk food consumptions and eat healthier foods with food grains, salads, green leafy vegetables and fruits. Do exercise or aerobics along with that.