Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti is the birth anniversary celebration of the legendary king Maharaj Agrasen from whom the Agrawal and Agrasen communities took birth.

These are a sect which remains within the mainstream Hindu society. Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti is marked every year on the pratipada of shukla paksha of the month of Ashwin month as per traditional Hindu calendar.

According to the Gregorian calendar, this falls in the month of September October in the waxing phase of moon. In 2019 the Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti will be celebrated on the 29th day of August.


  • Life of Maharaj Agrasen


Maharaj Agrasen was a legendary and famous king who ruled over  the Republic of Agroha, which had a predominant citizenship of traders and businessmen. Maharaj Agrasen was famous for his principles of nationalism, socialism, equality and non-violence. These were the four principles on which the basis of his good governance was formed. Maharaj Agrasen was a Suryavanshi king, who was a contemporary of Lord Krishna who ruled in the Dwapar Yuga. He was born almost about 5185 years ago to King Vallabh of Pratapnagar.


Maharaj Agrasen married princess Madhavi, the daughter of King Nagraj of the Nagvansh dynasty in a swayamvara which was attended by kings of Indra’s stature. The marriage made the families of Suryavansh and Nagvansh merge. They had 18 children.


The just king Maharaj Agrasen performed 18 Ashwamedha Yajna. He established 18 Gotras after the names of the Gurus who had performed the 18 Yajnas. The are –  Garg, Goyal, Bansal, Kansal, Singhal, Tingal, Airan,Bindal, Mittal, Airan, Dharan, Nagal, Tayal, Bhandal, Kuchhal and Goyan, which remained half finished.


Maharaja Agrasen performed 18 Ashwamedha Yajnas. But during the 18th yajna, the Ashwamedha horse started showing signs of fatigue and started crying as it knew that at the end of the Yajna, he will be killed.  Maharaj Agrasen took pity on the horse and set it free, thus his Yajna remained unfinished.


  • Foundation of the Agroha kingdom


It is believed that King Agrasena performed austerities and severe penance in the city of Kashi and worshipped Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu pleased by his dedication advised him to worship Ma Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity. Agrasena started worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and soon enough the Goddess was pleased with his dedication and appeared in front of him. Lakshmi advised him to start business of his own as it would ensure prosperity for his subjects for ages to come.  Thus Agrasena became a businessman, and it is believed that till date the Aggarwal and the Agrahari samaj are prospering because of that boon.


Goddess Lakshmi advised Agrasena to found a new kingdom. Agrasena and Madhavi found a good place where tiger cubs were playing and considered it to be Veer Bhumi. Thus the Agroha kingdom was founded. There is a huge temple there now and a temple dedicated to Vaushni Devi and Agrasen there. This place is near Hisar in Haryana.


It is said that with Maharaj Agrasen’s business acumen and Goddess Lakshmi’s boon, the Aggarwals and Agrahari in business don’t go wrong.


  • Celebration of Agrasena Jayanti
    • Devotees belonging to the Aggarwal and the Agrahari society celebrate the Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti with great zeal and fervor.
    • Processions are taken out in different parts of the country.
    • Devotees worship Agrasena and Goddess Lakshmi and seek blessings for well being and prosperity.
    • The day is also considered to be extremely to embark on new ventures.
    • Various cultural programs are also held on this day.
    • The U P Government has declared a holiday on this day.
    • Free medical camp, various social welfare activities are organized such as food distribution, free clothes distribution etc. stamps have been issued in memory of Maharaj Agrasen Jayanti and in memory of his contributions to society.