Mahatara Jayanti is considered to be an important ritual and festival for all the Hindus residing all over the world.

It is mostly celebrated in India with a lot of devotion and adherence to rituals. The Mahatara Jayanti is celebrated on the navami tithi of Chaitra month according to the traditional Hindu calendar, on the shukla paksha, or on the waxing phase of the moon in the month of April, according to the Gregorian calendar.

In 2019, Mahatara jayanti is going to be celebrated on the 14th of April.


  • Who is Mahatara?

Mahatara or Bhagwati Tara is one of the ten Mahavidyas and considered to be extremely powerful and potent. She is the aggressive form of the Goddess. She is a form of Shakti, or power. She is also known as Tarini Vidya, Ekjata and Neel Saraswati.  It is firmly believed that when a person is at the depth of despair in life, it is by invoking mahatara that he can come out of the troublesome times. Devi Tara defeats her devotees’ enemies and blesses them with success and respite from all problems.


  • From where did Mahatara originate?

Before the earth came into being there was chaos and darkness all around, with no energy whatsoever. Ma Kali reigned supreme in this chaotic darkness, when a ray of light originated who came to be known as Tara. It is believed that she came out of the power of the saint named Akshobhya. Because she originated when the Earth was also on the verge of taking its final shape, she is known as Mahatara.  She is known to be the reigning devi or Goddess of every pind.


  • Why is Mahatara also known asMahaneela or Neelatara?

Why Mahatara is known as Neelatara has a legend as its origin. When the Gods and Demons were fighting for Amrita, or the eternal nectar, while churning the sea, a pot of the most potent poison came up. The 3 lokas- swargya which is Heaven, Martya, ie. Earth and Patal, which is Hell, were petrified. Afraid that it is going to destroy everything, the Gods sought the help of the Lord Shiva. Shiva deank the poison, but did not swallow it and kept it in his throat. As an effect his throat turned blue, and his entire body started changing color. Seeing his suffering, the Devi entered Shiva s bosy and took off the potency of the poison. Lord Shiva felt better, but as a result the Devi turned blue because of the potent poison. Thus Lord Shiva called her Mahaneela or Neelatara.


  • How benevolent is Mahatara?

There are 3 main forms in which Mahatara is known. These are – Ugratara, Ekjata and Neel. She possesses 7 different powers by which she comes to the aid of all her devotees. These 7 different powers are – Paratpara, Ateeta, Para,  Chitpara, Tadteeta, Tatpara, and Sarwateeta.  It is believed that a devoted worshipper of Mahatara is blessed with immense and complete knowledge. They also receive an abundance of energy and power, as she is Shakti herself. She can lead her devotee to the path of happiness and salvation.


  • How is Mahatara worshipped?

The Panchakshari Mantra of Stri Hun Han Hun Fatt, when chanted with all devout humility will lead the devotee to vocal prowess, provide him respite from his enemies and lead him to salvation.  Devi Mahatara being a powerful form of Goddess Bhagwati, leads the whole wide world to light, life and divinity.