This is an area where Scorpio born people will rise and shine. Your work and you, yourself will be recognized by the higher officials and the work culture will be good.

However, you should control your over-exuberance regarding career decisions and should take decisions after much thought. Chances of an increment or promotion in your workplace can be seen after the month of September.

However as there are indications of having opportunities fairly regularly, you will be better advised to take decisions carefully and not get carried away. Personal appearances this year will go on to make an important aspect towards your success.

Social circle will be drawn to you and you will make yourself comfortable with this charisma in your work place too. This over all will be a year of being in top financial form.

Planetary Positions
Jupiter is posited in Virgo, your eleventh house till end of September and makes you a magnet for all things social. This charisma translates to your work and career too.  On the 1st of august, Jupiter starts its journey towards mid heaven and this is the most powerful spot in your entire horoscope.

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This may, depending on your birth chart; be your house of career and therefore increased earnings and career promotion may be noticed. 

Under this influence there could be tremendous positive aspects notices, like name and fame and exalted position. There could be newer and better career opportunities under this aspect.

Saturn is in Cancer, your third house and will stay put for the next 7 years and starts a period of reward and recognition. These will automatically be translated to increased compensation as well. The first half of the year, especially January and February are complete work oriented month and you will be devoted completely to work.

During April and May there should be no missed opportunities when it comes to work. Chiron the planet is in your third solar house. This is the house of writing and creativity and career in these aspects will be in top form. You should trust your instincts while taking any kind of career related decisions this year as they will stand you in good stead.

After September, through sheer hard work there will be greater improvements in your finance. There would be certain measures suggested by you which would be helpful in cutting costs in your present organization, if you are employed. These would fetch you brownie points and you will do well in the organization.

Favored Professions
The year 2017 will be a good one for the Scorpio born people career wise. Still there will be certain professions which will do better than the rest. These are as follows – people dealing in literary forms, journalists, blogger etc, or those pursuing some kind of detail oriented jobs, surgeons, market research analysts, bill collectors will do well in the year 2017.