Sankranti is the transit of the Sun from one astrological sign to the other. According to Hindu religious and astrological beliefs these transits or the sankrantis are extremely important.

Simha Sankranti is the transition of Sun from Cancer or Karkat rashi to the Simha or Leo rashi.  It is an extremely important festival which is celebrated in the southern states of India and also in some parts of Uttarakhand.

This is the auspicious day which also marks the beginning of the Avni month as per the traditional Tamil calendar, Bhadra month as per the traditional Bengali calendar and Chinga as per the traditional Malayali calendar.

This transit is also known as Sankraman and in 2019 it is on the August 17th, Saturday.

Rituals of Simha Sankranti

  • Simha Sankranti is a day when the Sun God, Lord Vishnu and Lord Narsimha Swami are worshipped.
  • Nariyel Abhisheka is performed. Nariyel Abhisheka is a ritual which is particularly carried out on this day and only freshly squeezed clean coconut water is used for this occasion.
  • Devotees conduct Appada Puja. This is when Lord Ganesha is worshipped at the outset of the puja to keep him satisfied.
  • Hoovina puja is conducted. This pooja continues for a month, till the time the Sun transits to Kanya rashi.
  • During the worshipping, flowers, fruits and various kinds of sweets are offered to Lord Vishnu and the Vishnu Sahsranam is chanted for blessings from the Lord.

Significance of Simha Sankranti

Devotees perform sankraman punya snanam or the religious baths on this auspicious day at different holy places.  On this auspicious day, people also worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu and Surya or the Sun God.

Religious Importance of the Simha Sankranti

Despite the Simha Sankranti being an important religious celebration in the southern states of India, portions in Uttarakhand also celebrate this auspicious day. It is believed that when the dynasty of the Chand reigned, the srtisans used to display their wares and used to be suitably rewarded for their efforts on the day. The tradition of that continues. Rite of Olag is the tradition by which fruits and other types of offerings are made to the royal family members. There is also atradition which is widespread , which is the consumption of horse bean flour bread with ghee or purified butter. The huge usage oof ghee on the occasion of Simha Sankranti gave rise to the name of  Ghrita Sankranti in the Bageswar district of Kumaon in Uttar Pradesh.

Benefits of Simha Sankranti

It is believed that the observance of the Simha Sankranti helps one to oust and eradicate darkness from their lives and usher in an era of peace and prosperity. Devotees who offer worship to all the 3 Gods – Lord Vishnu, Surya God and Lord Narasimha are assured and blessed with peaceful and content life.