The year 2017 will see those born under the influence of Taurus that their health will be in general good.

However there will be a tendency for you to take the good health for granted, but during the second half of the year there could be certain health scares. The natives of this sign could suffer and there could be multiple health problems.

It will be the need of the hour that you should take care of your diet to stay healthy. You should also Learn to accept things as they are, rather than stressing and vexing about them and you should also not push for them.

Unnecessarily being stressed about things will have an adverse effect on your physical well being and that will cause a decrease in your vitality and your well being and will also lead to various other ailments. Therefore to stay healthy this year cut down on your stress.

Planetary Positions
While Pluto is in a retrograde position, there will be no complaints on the health ground and health will be good.

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There should be particular and close attention paid to the area of the feet. Do go in for alternative methodology such as foot reflexology or acu pressure etc as these will help you in relaxing and taking care of your feet.

If you are into heavy exercising, it is advisable that you should do so gently, if you are into weight lifting, then you should put down the weights carefully as there could be accidents or you can even pull a muscle.

This same observation and suggestion is also applicable for other heavy things like bags etc too.  In case of the remotest pain in the foot area, you are advised to consult a Doctor immediately and not neglect it.

There will be a solar eclipse in the 6th solar house of your health on the 22nd of September. This eclipse will bring multiple changes in your overall well being. It can lead to  a change in your complete health regime or the way you look at a health regime. You may become conscious and start taking health a little more seriously that how you were taking it.

Saturn becomes stressful in October suggesting deterioration in matters of health. In this phase your health and vitality suffers. Minor ailments under this influence will take major proportions and plague you. This is mostly in the case of issues surrounding throat and neck region.

The most important thing is to prioritize your life in order to understand what exactly you are seeking. This will cut down on the unnecessary stress that you are putting yourself into. Stress and depression leads to lot of health scares and in turn break down of health.

Diet Suggestion
The major suggestion for the Taurus born will be to stay away from all kinds of fat rich diets this year. Opt for healthy foods to cleanse your system and maintain a steady source of energy.