Your zodiac sign is Aries if you are born between the dates 21st of March and 20th of April. This sign is ruled by the planet Mars which is the planet of war.

Due to its ruling planet, it’s one of the most active signs. The symbol of this zodiac is the ‘Ram’ which represents traits like stubbornness, determination, competitive and dominating. Being the first sign of the zodiac, they symbolize the beginning of something exciting and challenging.

They like leadership roles, sports, physical challenges and dislike lateness, sitting idle and wasting of a talent. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac sign is “The Agrarian Worker”.

          Positive traits of an Aries man-

  • He loves to take up a challenge. They are ways of proving himself. It’s on rare occasions that an Aries man turns down a bet or an opportunity. They are very competitive in nature.

  • They are very active and energetic.  Hence they are usually attracted to sports and other physical activities. This helps an Aries man to lead a healthy and fit life.

  • An Aries man is always first at everything, both in office or in personal life. He is always quick to take actions and complete a job much before the deadline.  They love to perform tasks in record time.

  • He likes independence and loves to take on the role of a leader. He is very happy when people do as he says. He craves power and obedience like anything.

  • They love to have fun and are very straightforward. They will never be sweet to you on the face and ugly on the back.

  • They will go after something if they want it even if there are numerous obstacles in the way. They are very determined and clear about their goals.

  • They may seem rough and snobby at first but they possess a heart of gold. Having an Aries man for a friend, you can be sure he will always stand by you and never desert you in times of need.

  • They hate liars and cannot stand injustice. They will do anything and even risk their lives to save you from injustice.

  • They love to work and have exceptionally good organizational skills.


Negative traits of an Aries man-

  • They are very arrogant and stubborn and don’t like to take advice from other people.

  • They give more importance to the head than the heart and people often mistook them to be ruthless and self-centered.

  • They are very quick to take actions and don’t fear challenges or risks which may sometimes lead to their downfall.

  • They love to dominate and when people don’t do things their way, they can get quite aggressive and impatient, venting the anger on others.

  • The highly competitive spirit of an Aries man can attract as well as push away friends and love interests.

  • He usually keeps his self-confidence and ego at a relatively high level which doesn’t work in his favor always.

  • If he loses a friend or a partner, he isn’t bothered much because he has the idea that he can get them back whenever he wants. When things don’t go as per his plans, he can become quite fiery and uncontrollable.

  • They are so work-oriented that they fall short of providing time to their families which poses a problem for them in their personal life.

The Aries Man in a Relationship-

The traits of an Aries man makes it difficult for him to find an understanding love interest. An Aries man needs a partner who is as competitive and exciting like him. He will get bored soon if his relationship becomes a regular routine and needs to be always kept on his toes. Even if they seem mature, there are times when the childish instincts of his personality come out. They like a good chase and like to try hard to get the ones they love because of their challenging nature. A personality similar to them will keep them hooked on. He has got a very loving and caring heart underneath the hard exterior and he will always save and protect you. He is very enthusiastic in a relationship and will always keep you happy and shower you with a lot of affection. . They are very passionate lovers and once they fall for someone, they will directly go and tell the other person without giving it any second thoughts. Given, you can keep him excited and on guard, a relationship with him can be strong and long lasting.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Aries and Sagittarius- This match showcases great compatibility. They both have the same likes and are mentally and physically strong. When fire meets fire, fireworks are bound to set off. Out of the two, Aries is more intense and experimental but Sagittarius readily goes with whatever Aries plans for the two of them. Sagittarius has splendid communication skills which attract an Aries man.

  • Aries and Leo- Both the zodiac signs are socially very popular though Leo is a bit more than Aries. Aries is accustomed to coming first in everything. Leo can’t survive without the spotlight. So there is room for an ego clash but if they can overcome these shortcomings, then this fire-fire pair makes for a solid match.

  • Aries and Libra- This pair is most ideal for long relationships and marriages. Aries like to dominate and take charge while Libra is more than happy to adjust with that. Aries men are attracted by Libra’s capability to adjust in all situations and social skills. Libra loves the loyal and protective nature of Aries men.

Basic Information about Aries-

Date Range 21st March- 20th April
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Mars
Compatible Signs Libra, Sagittarius, Leo
Lucky Day Tuesday
Lucky Numbers 1,9
Lucky Color Red