Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac chart. It comes right after Sagittarius and immediately before Aquarius. People who are born between 21st December and 19th January belong to this particular zodiac.

It is an Earth sign and has originated from the constellation called Capricornus. In the celestial longitude, Capricorn spans between 270th degrees to 300th degrees. Ruled by Saturn, this sign is considered to be a power sign.

The symbol allotted for this sign represents Enki who was an ancient Sumerian god of waters and wisdom. Later renamed as Ea in the Babylonian and Akkadian mythology, his head and upper part of the body was that of a mountain goat however the lower part of the body and the tail was that of a fish.

He was considered to be the god of magic, creations, crafts, water, lake water and seawater. The mountain goat represented steadiness, intelligence and ambition and the fish represented intuition, passion and spirituality. The Sumero-Babylonian name for this sign is “the goat-fish”.

The positive traits of a Capricorn woman-

  • A Capricorn woman is extremely practical. She always puts her logic and intelligence into use and considers every little fact before making a decision. She is very much in touch with the reality and her emotions never overpower her sense of actions.

  • She is an ambitious woman and has full confidence in her own capability. She has big goals and sky high ambitions and puts in everything to achieve them. Her need to have a secured future is the reason behind her ambitious nature.

  • Just like a calm mountain goat she is wise and mature. She has a deep sense of knowledge of what is right and what isn’t and handles situation sensibly. She never gets carried away by illusion and fantasies. When it comes to making an important decision, you can completely rely on her judgment.  

  • She is much disciplined and abides by the rules. She has a lot of respect for the people who take their responsibilities seriously and works hard to achieve their goals. She is not careless and carries out every task sincerely.

  • A woman born under this zodiac is blessed with a lot of patience. Once she starts a project, she will put in all her efforts and complete it no matter how much time it takes. She hardly gets restless midway. She believes that everything is possible with patience and hard work.

  • She is extremely cautious about her actions and will never do anything out of the blues. She isn’t a risk taker and craves for stability in life. This nature of her helps her to keep problems at bay.

The negative traits of a Capricorn woman-

  • She is often a pessimist and no matter how much she achieves she will always consider herself to be an under-achiever. Failures and setbacks can easily affect her and she finds it hard to go against the odds.

  • A Capricorn woman tends to be very stubborn. She believes that her judgments and decisions are always right thus changing her viewpoint is next to impossible. She is inflexible when it comes to considering other people’s opinions and sticks to her own decision.

  • She tends to be very shy. Though she has good communication skill, she can take time to open up and state her opinion. However if she overcomes her shyness she can achieve great heights.

  • She often becomes self-centered. She is always extremely cautious about the outcome of every event and how it will affect her. This kind of preoccupation with her own self makes people feel that she has a selfish nature.

  • She can be very aloof and detached woman. She finds it difficult to get emotionally attached to someone and likes to maintain some boundaries which are not meant to be crossed.

  • A Capricorn woman can be extremely moody. She can be happy and sweet one moment and grumpy and ruthless the very next moment. People may find it extremely difficult to keep pace with her mood swings. This nature can be a big obstacle in her life.

The Capricorn woman in a relationship-

A Capricorn woman generally has a masculine nature thus she is the man in the relationship. Her ambitious, tough and realistic nature can make many men feel intimidated. She respects traditions and family is very important to her. Thus if her parents doesn’t like her partner, chances of her ending the relationship is very high. She needs a man who can satisfy her needs and at the same time won’t get uncomfortable by her successful career and emotionally aloof nature. However a right partner can bring her out of her shell and bring down the walls which protect her feelings and emotions. Her shyness can keep her from expressing her feelings and it can make things complicated in a relationship but once she is committed, she is fiercely loyal towards her partner.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Capricorn and Scorpio: Both of these signs are emotional and passionate. They have an ambitious nature and there is kind of a magnetic attraction between them. They give each other exactly what they need and thus have high compatibility.

  • Capricorn and Taurus: Both of these Earth sign has an immediate connection with each other. They quickly bond with each other and their relationship rests on a strong foundation. Both of them share the same requirement of having a secured future and thus put in joint effort when it comes to achieving something.

  • Capricorn and Virgo- Both of them are focused and have a lot in common. They require same level of stability in life and they admire and respect each other for working hard in order to achieve their goals.

Basic information about Capricorn-

Date range 21st December – 19th January
Element Earth
Ruling planet Saturn
Compatible signs Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo
Lucky days Friday, Tuesday, Saturday
Lucky numbers 6, 9, 8
Lucky colors Indigo, Black