Being the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, this sign is characterized by the date span 22nd July to 23rd August. This sign is symbolized by the “Lion” which accurately describes the Leo natives as they consider themselves to be the rulers of this world.

Just like lions, Leo’s tend to be strong and dignified. A Leo-born is opinionated and a natural leader. Leo’s consider themselves to be the center of the universe just like their ruling planet, the Sun.

They are outgoing and have an immense amount of determination to succeed. This sign can be counted on for their decisive capabilities and loyalty. Fire being their element, everything about them is fiery.

They are fearless, dynamic and self-confident. They love to take charge and bigger the stage, the better for them. Leo natives in spite of being bossy are considered as role models due to their creativity, undaunted ambition and loyalty. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Lion”.

Positive Traits in a Leo Man-

  • He is a born leader and carries an air of inspiration around him. This makes other people look up to him and take his opinions seriously. He is very confident about his actions even if he is not sure of what he is doing. This impresses the onlookers especially bosses and can swiftly move him to higher positions at his workplace.

  • One of his best traits is his unflinching ambition. A Leo man has big plans for his life and future and can do anything in order to accomplish them.

  • It’s not possible to miss a Leo man with his warm nature, enthusiasm and dignified aura of power around him.

  • He considers this world to be a stage where he is playing the role of the lead actor. He loves the limelight and craves to be the center of attention. His dramatic flair and creativity often allow them to shine in the fields of acting, fashion, painting and writing.

  • He is immensely generous, loyal and honorable with an outgoing, confident personality.

  • As a lover, he is wonderfully romantic, completely devoted, utterly passionate and fiercely protective.

Negative Traits in a Leo Man-

  • A Leo man’s high confidence level and aura may make him seem like a narcissistic and a vain person to the people around him and could push away friends or potential life partners.

  • He is highly opinionated and stubborn regarding certain things. He may remain fixed at his views no matter how much people try to show him another side of the matter. Nobody can change his decisions once he makes up his mind and he is so ascertain about the fact that he is correct, he will barely pay any heed to other words.

  • He can be quite bossy, pretentious and self-absorbed which often leads to problems in his relationship.

  • He has a bad reputation of being selfish and putting his own needs before the needs of people in his life. He is a spendthrift person often wasting money on unnecessary luxury items and saving for a rainy day might as well be a foreign concept to him.

  • A Leo man can be extremely possessive and sometimes unreasonable in a relationship. Even if you tease him by taking a name of another man, he will be ready to take him down.

  • He also has a huge and an extremely fragile ego. One has to be very careful with words as even a petty thing can hurt his alpha male ego. This can create problems in his career and love life.

  • He can be ruthless with words when provoked. He says whatever comes to his mouth without even giving it a second thought. This can hurt other people’s feelings but his hot-tempered nature is to be blamed for this outburst.

The Leo man in a relationship-

The Leo males are the most romantic males of the zodiac. They are very loving and love pampering and giving gifts to his partner without any reason at all. He is highly attracted to women who are as optimistic and enthusiastic as he is. He craves for attention, flattery and appreciation and his partner needs to be a good audience and tell him every now and then how amazing he is. He is extremely chivalrous but he’ll be the one to do all the domination.

A Leo man can’t survive without love. Unlike many males, he loves candle light dinner, long walks on moonlit night and other romantic things. He needs constant attention of his partner and also needs to be pampered. Once you step into his den there is no fooling around or going back. He is very possessive and once you make it official you need to be completely committed towards your Leo man. He is very territorial and doesn’t believe in sharing. He can be extremely envious of any other man in your life even if he is your best friend.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Leo and Aries: They together can form a fiery couple. They can either keep the fire burn bright or burn the house down. Botha re passionate lovers and are also very ambitious.

  • Leo and Libra: They make a perfect couple and their love story has a happy ending. The Libra woman will always be ready with compliments while the Leo man will love having intellectual conversations with her.

  • Leo and Sagittarius: These two signs are made for each other and it’s the best relationship a Leo man can have. They have a lot in common and thus are highly compatible. Their true love and even overcome distance when in a long-distance relationship.

Basic information about Leo-

Date Range 22nd  July – 23rd August
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Sun
Compatible Signs Aries, Libra, Sagittarius
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Lucky Numbers 1,5,9
Lucky Colors Golden, Orange, Yellow, Red