The Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year in the Yeouido Island located in Han River in Seoul, South Korea. It is observed at Yeouido Park where the trees that line the background of the Han River get filled with the spring flowers.

The cherry blossom trees are also found lining the both sides of the Yeouiseo-ro Road. This festival is observed annually in the mid of April when the spring flowers like royal azaleas, azaleas, forsythia blooms in the trees giving them a  magical and a breathtaking  view. Over sixteen hundred Yoshino cherry trees which belong to the Jeju origin bloom along the bank of Han River.

The place gets filled with the sweet fragrance of approximately 90,000 cherry blossom flowers that blooms during this time of the year. The Various Integrative Artistic Festival, which is a sister festival, presents performances like mimes, theatricals, dance performances throughout the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival.

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of walking under the canopy of white and pink cherry blossoms. Tourists from all over the world visits Korea during this time just to enjoy the unreal beauty of the place.

The Festival

During this festival people from all over Korea gathers in the city of Seoul and spends a peaceful holiday. Various musical performances are held and street vendors selling authentic food line up by the side of the street. People also dress up as cartoon characters and roam about in the city streets. It is one of the prettiest festivals of Korea. The music of “Cherry Blossom Ending” by Busker Busker fills up the streets of Seoul during this festival. The event starts with a parade where professional parade troupes marches along with the citizens. Various cultural and arts performances are held all over the streets of the city. At night, special landscape lightings make the cherry blossoms glow creating an extremely romantic ambience.

Other places where Cherry Blossom Festival is observed-

  • Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival: The Cherry Blossom Festival in Seokchon Lake started 4 years ago and gained popularity over the years. Various exhibitions, performances and many other activities take place here during this festival.

  • Namsan Cherry Blossom Festival: The Namsan Park on the Mount Namsam is another significant spot filled with the cherry blossom trees and gives rise to an enchanting view.

  • Children’s Grand Park:  During this time of the year the park gets filled with colorful spring flower and becomes a tourist attraction. Families visit this location for picnics and for spending some time away from the city’s noise and crowd.

  • Suyang Cherry Blossom Festival: The Suyang cherry blossom trees are found at the Seoul National Cemetery and this special type of cherry blossom trees look like weeping willow. The pink and white canopy over the graves also gives rise to a beautiful view.