Dads have been our pillar of strength and support since childhood. Celebrate his birthday with grandeur and tell him how much you love him. One way to do that is with birthday cards for dad.

From the party to all the other celebrations, it should be centered on your father. The party should also have candles, balloons and cakes to welcome the next year filled with good luck, happiness and love.

Let him blow out the birthday candles and wish him another year filled with good health and happiness so that another birthday can be celebrated in the same way. Here are some sweet messages that can be part of happy birthday cards for dad:

  • You have many awards. You have been the best and truly deserve another award for “Best Dad”. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • You have always taught me that I should never give up if I want to achieve success. Thank you Dad. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • While growing up, I broke all my toys and you repaired them. Thank you for being the best mechanic in my life Dad. Love you. Happy Birthday!
  • I always aspired to become like you when I grew up. Hope I can be as dutiful and successful Dad. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • I always have been daddy’s little girl and hope to continue being so all my life. Love you daddy. Happy Birthday!
  • People say that I look like you dad. Hope I can look as god as you at your age. For the best looking man in my life, Happy Birthday Dad!
  • All through my life only one man has stood by me, my Daddy. Wishing the greatest daddy a very happy birthday!
  • Your wisdom has helped shape my future Dad. Thank you so much for being there for me. Wishing you a happy birthday Dad.
  • From the day I was born, I remember this person who has always been my pillar of strength. Wishing that amazing person a very happy birthday. Dad, Happy Birthday!
  • I have always been lucky to have you as my father, who has showered me with so much love and happiness. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • You have always taught me to reach for the stars. Sacrificed all your life to give me a good upbringing. Love you Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • You have given me enough reasons since childhood to stay happy. Hope I can also give some happiness in return Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • I could never understand the troubles you faced when I was a kid. Now that I have grown up I can understand and appreciate your love and sacrifices. Sorry for all the times I hurt you. Happy Birthday Dad. Love you!
  • If I started receiving a penny for each time you made me smile. I would be rich. Thank you Dad for making me the richest person. Happy Birthday!

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