Anniversary is a day to celebrate love and companionship. Anniversaries are meant to be special. Celebrate your own anniversary or that of your loved ones with lovely messages.

Here are some great anniversary messages that can be sent as an SMS.

  1. With time people may change bit the memories are important that you cherish for life.  Wish both of you a lifetime of happiness. Have an amazing anniversary.
  2. Beginning of a marriage may seem the best but the test starts in later years. Our love has stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Happy anniversary and good luck.
  3. Flaws are a part of the human nature. A strong marriage is marked by accepting those flaws. You have accepted mine. Hope you stay like this forever. Happy anniversary.
  4. One day, our anniversary, is not enough to show how much you mean to me. But it does give me a reason to celebrate our love. Happy anniversary.
  5. Marriage is a cocktail that is filled with various emotions, experiences and feelings. Our marriage is a cocktail that is pure and undiluted. Happy anniversary!
  6. Our journey has been a romantic ride that had thrilling adventures, amazing expeditions and a fun escapade. It was a memorable trip. Hope we continue to have many more adventures, happy anniversary.
  7. Whenever your anniversary is around the corner, a pressure is created to find the perfect soulmate because both of you found yours. Happy anniversary.
  8. Marriages can be a mixture of various dances. Slow like the Waltz, peppy like the Salsa, hot like a Tango and sometimes it can be soulful like the Jazz. Enjoy the various rhythms of life. Happy anniversary.
  9. No need to wait for the 20th, 25th or 50th anniversary to celebrate. Every anniversary is a huge milestone in every couple’s life. Enjoy your special milestone. Happy anniversary.
  10. Misunderstandings might pop up but the happiness and love will always cut through it. Enjoy your life together. Happy Anniversary.
  11. Your marriage is a combination of various colors like those in a beautiful rainbow. Stay the colorful couple you always have been. Happy anniversary.
  12. Growing old together has always been a dream that is starting to come true. I hope that you will stay by my side forever. Happy Anniversary my dearest.
  13. With age wrinkles might adorn our beautiful faces, but our love will stay strong till the end of time regardless of how old we become. Happy marriage anniversary wishes for the love of my life.
  14. As each year passes by, instead of growing tired of each other, your relation gets stronger. Stay happy like this forever. Happy anniversary.
  15. Both of you have had your fair shares of difficult situations, harsh times and tough circumstances. What is important is that you have stood strong through all of that and proved that both of you will sail through all the storms together. Happy anniversary.
  16. Happy anniversary wishes for a couple who has shown everybody that marriages can be perfect and happy like those in romantic books and movies.
  17. Your marriage has been like the graceful dance of Waltz. You two are just perfect for each other. Happy anniversary.
  18. Your marriage anniversary reminds couples not just the best moments but also the tough moments that you strived to live through. Wishing an awesome couple have a fantastic anniversary. Happy anniversary.
  19. Whenever I see both of you together I see the marriage made in heaven. Stay happy and blesses as always. Happy marriage anniversary.
  20. Everybody says that marriages are made in heaven. Yours is just that, perfect for each other. Happy Marriage Anniversary.
  21. Your marriage is one that has been nurtured with love and built on the foundation of trust, making it unshakable. Happy anniversary.
  22. Destiny has brought the both of you together and it continues to grow stronger each day. Stay strong. Happy Anniversary.
  23. When destiny lines up and souls start to connect, a beautiful and real relationship is formed. Everybody can see clearly that your hearts beat for each other forever. Happy anniversary.
  24. I do appreciate the wonderful memories we created together. Thank you for all the love and happiness. Happy Marriage Anniversary my dearest!
  25. Hope that the love that you share keeps growing till the end of time. Wishing the best couple happy anniversary!