Everyone waits for their birthday when the birthday boy or girl is the center of attention. Birthday parties can be made much more memorable with great happy birthday poems.

If you are at a loss and cannot find a birthday poem to dedicate to your loved one, do not worry. They can be of various types – funny, emotional, clever, short, happy and inspirational to name some.

123NewYear has an amazing collection of birthday poems just for you.

  • You might look a little bit older with each passing birthday,
    But you seem to be growing wiser with each one as well
    So chill and enjoy your birthday cake!
  • Sadly you have not become a millionaire this birthday,
    But be happy that you are healthy and look good.
  • We became friends not for any agenda,
    Our friendship is the only thing that mattered,
    The bond grew stronger,
    Unlucky people have found no friends,
    I am fortunate to have found you,
    Happy Birthday Buddy
  • No need to frown about another candle
    Your inner strength is what matters
    Blow out the candles and make your wish sis
    Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Poems

Funny birthday poems are a great way to bring a smile on the face of the birthday girl/boy. It can make them feel happy throughout the day. When choosing a funny birthday poem you must keep in mind the taste and funny bone quotient of the birthday boy/girl. Worried about making the right decision? Do not worry. 123NewYear brings for you a great collection of rib-tickling funny birthday poems that will suit the taste and style of many.

  • Here are a pair of new dentures
    Now it is easier to take a bite of your exciting life
    Happy Birthday old-timer!
  • Live life to the fullest my rock star
    Keep singing forever with moves like Mick Jagger
    And voice like William Hung
    Happy Birthday!
  • It is your birthday
    Your hair might have grown grey
    Your vision might need larger letters for proper reading
    Just remember stay young at heart!

Short Birthday Poems

If you are looking for short birthday poems that are beautiful and helps to show your love and gratitude, then look no further. The team at 123NewYear has brought together a great collection of short birthday poems that are sweet, fun and beautiful.

  • Hope that your birthday is special
    With everything going in positive direction
    And many warm wishes
    Happy Birthday!
  • Sending a cheerful “hello” on your birthday
    With great wishes
    Hoping that the day is filled with love and joy
    Happy Birthday!

Birthday Love Poems

Birthday love poems can help ignite the passion and love on your beau’s birthday. The beautifully written love poems emphasize on the love and adoration that both of you share. So choose a great poem to gift your beau with an unforgettable memory and let them feel your love.

  • Our relation is most cherished
    You have completed me
    My eyes speak the love I feel for you
    Darling, have an amazing birthday!
  • You are the sweetest
    Passionate enough to melt me away
    And cute enough to fill my thoughts
    Happy Birthday!

So wait no more come over to 123NewYear and choose a wonderful happy birthday poem for your loved one and make them feel on the top of the world.