“Love is a many splendored thing” and no wonder for those reasons, love in a man’s life is very very important and what guides us in that are Love horoscopes; which too are very important.

They are important because they give us a broad view of what we can expect on a particular year about a particular sign’s romantic aspirations.

Love horoscope tells us about our compatibility with certain others, it gives us a comprehensive knowledge as to what to expect from the year.

It tells us whether we will meet someone new, or whether the existent relationship will deepen enough to take it to the next step, or whether the relentless disagreements will finally make us succumb to parting our ways.

Let us then take a look at what all the star signs have in store for us –

  • Aries – There will be irritations in matters of love and romance this year, two eclipses occurs during which there can be a brake in the love relationships. The tried and tested marriage or love affair will have a possibility to flourish or break altogether. Along with this there will be many more opportunities for romances or brief affairs.

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  • Taurus– Love and Romance are not important aspects for Taurus in 2017. There will be lot of transformations in marriage and romances. You will almost be in awe of love and will handle things delicately. In many cases there will be a significant relationship and marriage opportunities too. Romance this year is closely connected with a philosophical approach.


  • Gemini – love and romance look extremely powerful this year. Both you and your partner will go through a lot of transformation. Singles will find love in numerous places and in various ways and for the married either it will be a new beginning or an end which seem slated.

  • Cancer – Love is literally spiritual this year as the married will let go of their erstwhile bitterness and settle into an understanding and the singles may literally find love in spiritual places or places of worship. However, the status quo as to singles will remain single and the married will remain married remains.

  • Leo – Love and romance in this year is volatile.  There will be many parting of the ways amongst those born under the sign of Leo and stars indicate that any kind of communication must be very cautiously done this year. Singles have possibility of a romance during January-February.

  • Virgo – Virgos this year are looking out for partners who have a broad mind, with depth and a lot of vision. It is not a year where they encourage impractical gestures; rather substantial things are of more importance to them. Virgos understand this year that romance involves practicality too so they will weed out the unnecessary from life.

  • Libra –   There is bound to be some amount of confusion and heartbreak in your quest to find the love of your life. These will resultant into a misunderstanding too on your part with your family. Your other half may become embittered with your overture, however there is always the road to retract.

  • Scorpio – Love life does not look too bright this year with lot of possessive and compulsive behavior of the Scorpio born. It would be advisable to ease up with things in life and to let go. Those who are married stay that way and can expect an addition in the family.  The relationship is all about understanding this year.

  • Sagittarius – Mixed year for love. You need to spend time and empathize with your partner to het the best benefit for this year’s love power. The middle of the year sees some more romantic actions from the stars and the singles will try to change themselves in a  way that they attract more romantic interests.

  • Capricorn – There is going to be fun and then there is going to be furious battle. This is all about the 2017 romantic horoscope of Capricorn. You will work hard on changing yourself and career ambitions will be neglected. A potential l9ove interest will be won over with a friend’s help.

  • Aquarius – Resolve all your earlier issues and love this year will be beautiful. However. In midst of love too you will need to curb your self –centeredness in order to feel the loving and caring advances of your partner. There can be romantic vacations.

  • Pisces – There will be a lot of love and romance showered on your partner by you this year. You will let go of your erstwhile stiffness and will have a tender time with your amore. Love is intense this year and career calls may unhinge it at times.