Mothers are a blessing in disguise. They look after all our needs. Let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day in a grand way with wonderful Mother’s Day greetings.

Make an extra effort to make her feel special. Here are some sweet for your mom:

  1. For the best mother in the whole world: Happy Mother’s Day! You truly deserve all the best things in the world. I love you!
  2. You are the most beautiful woman I have seen and will always hold a special place in my heart forever. Love always. Happy Mother’s Day!
  3. Whenever I was down, emotionally and physically, you have been there for me. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  4. Happy Mother’s Day! I do not always show how much I love you but believe me, I do. Thank you Lord for such a lovely Mom.
  5. You are the one who taught me to walk, ride a bike and so much more. Thank you for teaching me everything. I love you and hope that you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
  6. I will always be grateful to you mom for giving me all the important life lessons. I love you very much! Happy Mother’s Day!
  7. You have always thought about your children’s interest before yours. I am thankful for having you as my Mother. Happy Mother’s Day!
  8. You have played different roles in my life – Guide, Organizer, Driver, and many more but the most important role is of a best friend. Love my Mom, my best friend. Happy Mother’s Day.
  9. I plan to shower with all the happiness you truly deserve but even that will not be enough for all the sacrifices you have made for me! Happy Mother’s Day!
  10. You are the greatest mother in the whole wide world. I just want to ensure that you feel pampered and cared for. So let me make this Mother’s Day special for you.
  11. From my childhood you have always made sure that I always have smile on my face. Love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
  12. You always knew what would make me smile. Whenever I spend time with you mom, I am always laughing. Happy Mother’s Day!
  13. I remember coming back hurt from sports and you were always there putting on band aids and caring for me, making me forget about the pain. Love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  14. Mom it is Mother’s Day and I plan to make you great breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the lovely meals you have cooked for us. Love you Mom
  15. You have showered me with love, hugs and kisses Mom. Hope I can keep you happy forever like you have. Happy Mother’s Day.
  16. You have been the best since I knew you. The perfect wife and mom. I also want to return the favor by being the best son/daughter.  Happy Mother’s Day!
  17. Happy Mother’s Day. Though I am far away but always remember that I love you Mom.
  18. Whether I was feeling low, having a nightmare or was hurt I remember one face calming me down and making me feel better. It was you Mom. I also want to take care of you forever. Happy Mother’s Day!
  19. You have shown me the true meaning of being a great woman and I want to be like you – Optimistic and Magnificent. Happy Mother’s Day!
  20. I do not remember a single day when you raised your voice and were impatient. Love you Mom and sorry for all the mess I created. Happy Mother’s Day!