Raksha Bandhan is a special day for brothers and sisters. We at 123NewYear have some great Rakhi images to make it more special. Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival in which the brother promises to protect and take care of his sister against all evil.

The sister ties a sacred thread around the wrist of the brother to show how much she loves her brother. For being rakhi brother and sister, they do not need to be biologically related.

This auspicious day is celebrated across many regions in India. The rakhi can be a simple colorful thread that has been woven or it can be a decorative thread full of amulets and decorations. In return for the rakhi, the brother along with promise of protection he also gifts his sister a beautiful or funny gift to show his love.

This occasion is more like a get together, where the whole family can come together and celebrate the special bond shared between a brother and sister with blessings from elders.

The Festival is celebrated in huge scale. On this day the sisters pray for the health and wealth of their brothers. Sometimes the brother and sister may geographically distant from each other. No worries!! Now in the age of computers and internet, you can easily send your Rakhi wishes to your brother/sister in the form of Rakhi Images. These images are e-cards that helps spread the happiness of rakhi. You can easily send these images to your brother and sisters with the help of e-mails and the various social media mediums.

Some of the Rakhi Images also have wonderful quotes written on them that help spread the Rakhi cheer. But a Rakhi image is not enough so be sure to send your Rakhi for your brother or your gift for your sister along with the Rakhi greeting, wish and image. Send your brother/ sister a beautiful postcard with Rakhi images that has wonderful Rakhi Images.

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Rakhi images can also be used as greeting cards to express your feelings and to show how much Raksha Bandan means to you. These images in the form of cards may sometimes contain messages and quotes, so they can be used as both cards and wallpapers.

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