Everyone waits for the New Year to come around and with it the 2018 Holidays list. Each year is filled with busy working schedules that leave little or rather no time for family and relaxation. Thus, people around the world try to find out the days that can be spent surrounded by loved ones instead of a mundane routine passage of time.

If you know that on which day a particular holiday falls, then you can plan a long or short getaway with family. The world is an eclectic mix of people belonging to different cultures and religions, so it is bound to happen that people will have different days of observance and holidays.

The team at 123NewYear knows how important these traditional festivals can be for you, so they have painstakingly worked to collect the holidays in a single table, categorizing people of which culture or country celebrate it.

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Holidays can be classified into the following subheadings:

    • National/Public Holiday: These are the ones that the government has declared a holiday and is celebrated across the whole nation.


    • Bank Holidays: These are the holidays that are non-working days for bank employees and bank officials.


    • Gazette holidays: On these holidays government officials get a holiday but not the employees of private sector.


    • Local/ State Holidays: These occasions are of importance for a local area or certain state/states. The nation might not celebrate it, but that specific locality or state/states will observe it as a holiday.


    • Observances: These days are not holiday anywhere in the nation but might be important to culture and history of certain people so they observe the day with rituals and other celebrations, but these are not a holiday.


Here is the list of holidays for the year 2018 from countries and religions across the globe:


Name of the holiday Date Day of the week Where or who celebrate the occasion
New year 2018 1st January Monday Around the world
Concluding day of Hogmanay 1st January Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 5th January Friday India
Epiphany 6th January Saturday Christian
Orthodox Christmas day 7th January Sunday Christian
Lee Jackson day 12th January Friday UNITED STATES
Stephen Foster Memorial day 13th January Saturday UNITED STATES
Maha shivratri 13th January Tuesday India
Orthodox New year 14th January Sunday Christian
Pongal 14th January Sunday India
Makar Sankranti 14th January Sunday India
Martin Luther King Day National holiday 15th January Monday UNITED STATES
Robert E Lee’s Birthday 15th January Monday UNITED STATES
Confederate Memorial Day 15th January Monday UNITED STATES
Idaho Human Rights Day 15th January Monday UNITED STATES
Civil Rights Day 15th January Monday UNITED STATES
Vasant Panchami 22nd January Monday India
Burn’s night 25th January Thursday UNITED KINGDOM
Republic day 26th January Friday India
Kansas day 29th January Monday United States
Tu Bhisvat 31st January Wednesday Jewish
Guru Ravidass Jayanti 31st January Wednesday India
National freedom day 1st February Thursday United States
Rosa parks day 4th February Sunday UNITED STATES
Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti 10th February Saturday India
Shrove Tuesday 13th February Tuesday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
Mardi Gras 13th February Tuesday UNITED STATES
Ash Wednesday 14th February Wednesday Christian
Valentine’s day 14th February Wednesday Around the world
Statehood day 14th February Wednesday UNITED STATES
Chinese new year 16th February Friday Chinese
Shivaji Jayanti 19th February Monday India
St David’s day 1st March Thursday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
Purim 1st March Thursday Jewish
Holi 1st March Thursday India
Texas Independence Day/ Texas Flag Day 2nd March Friday UNITED STATES
Read Across America Day 2nd March Friday UNITED STATES
Casimir Pulaski Day 5th March Monday UNITED STATES
Town Meeting Day Vermont 6th March Tuesday UNITED STATES
Mothering Sunday 11th March Sunday UNITED KINGDOM
Evacuation day 16th March Friday UNITED STATES
Gudi Padwa 18th March Sunday India
Maryland day 25th March Sunday UNITED STATES
Ram Navami 25th March Sunday India
Palm Sunday 25th March Sunday Christian
Mahavir Jayanti 29th March Thursday India
HazratAli’s birthday 29th March Thursday Muslim
Maundy Thursday 29th March Thursday Christian
Good Friday 30th March Friday Around the world
Holy Saturday 31st March Saturday Christian
César Chávez Day 31st March Saturday UNITED STATES
First day of Passover 31st March Saturday Jewish
Easter Sunday 1st April Sunday Christian
National tartan day 6th April Friday UNITED STATES
Yom HaShoah 11th April Wednesday Jewish
Baishakhi 14th April Saturday India
Amedkar jaynti 14th April Saturday India
Father Damien day 15th April Sunday UNITED STATES
Tax day 17th April Tuesday UNITED STATES
St George’s day 23rd April Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Shakespeare day 23rd April Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Law day 1st May Tuesday UNITED STATES
National nurse day 6th May Sunday UNITED STATES
May day 7th May Monday India
Primary election day Indiana 8th May Tuesday UNITED STATES
Truman day 8th May Tuesday UNITED STATES
Rabindra Jayanti 9th May Wednesday India
Mother’s day 13th May Sunday Around the world
Peace Officers Memorial Day 15th May Tuesday United States
Ramadan 16th May Wednesday Muslim
Shavout 20th May Sunday Jewish
Pentecost 20th May Sunday Christian
Whit Monday 21st May Monday Christian
Budha purnima 22nd May Tuesday India
Trinity day 27th May Sunday Christian
Spring bank holiday 28th May Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Corpus Christi 31st May Thursday Christian
D day 6th June Wednesday UNITED STATES
Laylat al-qadr 10th June Sunday Muslim
Flag day 14th June Thursday UNITED STATES
Eid ul fitr 14th June Thursday Muslim
Father’s day 17th June Sunday Around the world
Independence day 4th July Wednesday UNITED STATES
Ratha yatra 14th July Saturday India
Pioneer day 24th July Tuesday UNITED STATES
Friendship day 5th August Sunday Around the world
Independence day 15th August Wednesday India
Parsi new year 17th August Friday Parsi
Bakri- eid 21st August Saturday Muslim
Raksha bandhan 26th August Sunday India
Janmasthami 2nd September Sunday India
Labor day 3rd September Monday UNITED STATES
Rosh Hashana 10th September Monday Jewish
Ganesh Chaturthi 12th September Wednesday India
Muhaarram 12th September Wednesday Muslim
Yom Kippur 19th September Wednesday Jewish
September equinox 23rd September Sunday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
Shmini Atzeret 1st October Monday Jewish
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October Tuesday India
Boss’s day 16th October Tuesday UNITED STATES
Maha Saptami 16th October Tuesday India
Maha Ashtami 17th October Wednesday India
Maha Navami 18th October Thursday India
Alaska day 18th October Thursday UNITED STATES
Karva chauth 27th October Saturday India
Halloween 31st October Wednesday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
All Saints’ day 1st November Thursday Christian
Diwali 7th November Wednesday India
Veterans day 11th November Sunday UNITED STATES
Chat puja 13th October Tuesday India
The prophet’s birthday 20th November Tuesday Muslim
Thanksgiving day 22nd November Thursday UNITED STATES
Guru Nanak Jayanti 23rd November Friday India
Cyber Monday 26th November Monday UNITED STATES
First day of Hanukkah 3rd December Monday Jewish
Wright Brother’s day 17th December Monday UNITED STATES
Winter solstice 21st December Friday UNITED KINGDOM
Christmas eve 24th December Monday Around the world
Christmas 25th December Tuesday Around the world
Kwazana 26th December Wednesday UNITED STATES (Afro-American)
New year’s eve 31st December Monday Around the world