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Holidays Around The World

The English dictionary has defined the term Holiday to be a day when business and other such activities are suspended. It may also refer to a day of celebration. But for us, a Holiday is a day of relaxation and rejuvenation – a day to spend at a leisurely pace – a luxury that is not aplenty in today’s busy schedule.

Holidays can be broadly categorized according to region and religion. As such they differ from country to country, and also from one community to the other. Even a country may have variety in observances in its different nooks and crannies.

We at 123NewYear have brought before you a bouquet of Holiday List from different parts of the world, of different religions and communities. We have touched upon the traditions and observances, and also evolution with the passage of time. These would keep you rooted to the traditions you observe, and also informed about those you do not – a humble attempt from our side to generate respect for all observances of the world – for we know that the beauty of our Mother Earth lies in the Unity in Diversity. And yes, we have remembered to include the dates especially for those who get excited about planning holiday activities in advance!

Combined List of Holidays Around The World

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