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New Year Craft Ideas

New Year time includes fun and cheer and a mood to party and the exchange of gifts. With every party comes the question of the decorations as they are an integral part of any bash.

Why not try something new this year, and instead of going for the plain old decorations commercially produced, why not try to make something of your own. These easy to make craft ideas that are listed below, not only add a zing to your dcor but are also a fun activity to do with your kids, and make celebrating New Year’s more fun than ever.


Chinese Lantern:

One of the easiest and perhaps most striking craft ideas to indulge in is to make a Chinese lantern. All that is needed is a square piece of preferably coloured paper. Fold the paper into two equal parts and make two rectangles out of them. Now start making equidistant cuts along the breadth of the rectangle facing the folded corner of the rectangle, leaving approximately half an inch distance between two cuts. Flipping open the square piece of paper, paste a side of the square half inch overlapping the other side of the paper, in a way that it is shaped in a cylindrical form. Make sure that all the cuts are vertical and along the length of the lantern. Now all you need to do is press the paper from the top a little. There you have it your very own Chinese lantern, you can make as many as you want and hang them up as decorations.


Noise Makers:

Another easy and fun craft idea to indulge in is making Noise makers, after all what is a celebration without some noise. Things that are needed to make a Noise maker are an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll, a 4 by 4 square piece of wax paper, hole puncher and a rubber band. Punch a hole into the empty roll at a distance of about an inch from the edge of the roll. Wrap the piece of wax paper at the end where you just made a whole with the rubber band securing the ends. Your noise maker is now ready, you can speak on the other open end hear how your voice sounds. You can also try decorating the noise maker with the help of colourful markers, pens, stickers, crayons etc. and give your creativity full control.


New Year’s Ball of Time Square:

Another craft idea that is sure to enthral everyone is to make your own lighted New Year’s ball the kind you see in Times Square. To make it, you need three metal hangers, some wire and Christmas Lights. Bring all the three hangers together and secure them at the base using a wire. The next step is to bend the hangers in a way that the hangers take a sphere like shape, intertwining them, and again secure the shape with a wire. Now start wrapping the Christmas lights around the sphere from top to bottom, covering every nook and cranny. You have now made your own New Year’s Ball of Time Square, which is ready to dazzle your party.


Personalizing Items:

Another great idea is to create personalized items for a party, for example Napkins which have a painted or embroidered alphabet of a person’s name according to the seating arrangement, all that you will need for it is some paints, brushes and a napkin, another idea is to make lettering and hanging them at the base of flute glasses, all you need for that is cut out of alphabets some beads and a wire. String the beads in the thin wire and wrap them around the stem of the glass from the top, at the end of the glass take the cut out alphabet and put the edge through the edge of the alphabet cut out. Personalized items are a great way to spruce up any dcor.

Now that you have a host of craft ideas, get busy in making your own decorations and have a blast.

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