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New Year Drinks

New Year’s is the perfect time for celebration and good cheer, perhaps one of the best known activities that people indulge themselves in, is drinking.

A good drink in your glass, good food and good music are all you need to get the party going. So when looking for some fantastic drinks for your New Year’s bash, you can count on any of these drinks to get the celebratory cheer going.  
  • Lime Margaritas:
The classic Mexican beverage which has taken over the world is Tequila, and the Lime Margarita is perhaps the best way to showcase the drink, made with tequila, triple sec and lime, the best flavour of the drink comes out when fresh lime is used so let that bottle of Margarita mix be.  
  • Waborita:
This fun twist to the old classic margarita makes up for a great way to begin your party. Made with Cabo-Wabo tequila, mixed with lime and flavoured with Cointreau, this zingy Margarita will surely set your mood.  
  • Michelada:
The refreshing beer cocktail is a worth savouring alternative to all the fruity drinks out there. Made out of beer, salt, lime and Chile sauce, the contrasting flavours really enhance the taste of the otherwise plain beer and give it quite a pleasant kick.
  • Tequila Twist:
It is no secret what a good match Tequila and citrus tang are, Tequila Twist is that that take on the famous drink. Made with Tequila, lime juice, orange juice and lime rind, the glass is frosted with sugar and garnished with a well matched strawberry.  
  • Orange Blossom Punch:
This drink is sure to give your taste buds a sweet twang and leave you wanting more. Made out of Orange Juice, Strawberry daiquiri and champagne, the drink adds a twist to your palate.  
  • Tequila Fuego:
Another take on the tequila shot is this super spicy shot mix, that is sure to wake your senses and energize you as it sets you on fire. Made with the super-hot Tabasco sauce or the Tapatia, Tequila and jalapeno, it sets you ablaze.  
  • Caipirinha :
This unofficial national cocktail of Brazil is basically made by mixing sugar as well as pulverized lime with crushed ice, and is a common alcoholic drink which is made from distilling fermented sugarcane juice. It is also known as Brazilian moonshine at times.  
  • Mojito:
This Cuban drink dates back to almost 16th century and is normally made out of White rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, mint leaves and sparkling water, making it one of the most refreshing drinks that one can have.  
  • Sangra:
A delicious wine punch made out of red wine, and fresh fruits, along with honey, sugar and brandy, the sweet hit that the drink gives you is both pleasant and the perfect accompaniment to any meal.  
  • Mint Julep:
Made with mint lives, bourbon, sugar and water Mint Julep, is that smooth blend of flavours that is both refreshing and inebriating. This southern classic is sure to freshen you up and in a mood to party in no time.   Now that you have a list of the most popular drinks to have on the New Year’s Party itinerary, if throwing a party then make sure to include them on your list and do give a try to the classics above.  

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