1. Hope the new year fills your life with eternal happiness and infinite reasons to celebrate so that life becomes a memorable journey for you. Wish you a very Happy New Year.

  2. Years come and years pass by. Most of them do not make a mark on the pasture of our lives. I wish that this New Year leaves happy footprints of memories in your heart that you can cherish for years to come.
  4. As you weave dreams of new hopes and aspirations to fill up each day of the New Year with excitement, fun and happiness, I wish that may all your dreams come true.
  6. May this New Year be as vibrant as the seven colors of the rainbow and may each day shine bright without a speck of cloud every darkening the horizons.
  8. Just as you touch the lives of friends with your innate sweetness, may your New Year be as sweet and savory as can be.
  10. May the New Year fill your heart with hopes of a fresh new beginning and aspirations of a brighter and better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones.

  11. Make yourself the source of your happiness this year.

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  13. Dial 2 0 1 6 for the new year. Don't hangup coz no returning back coz it's A New Year 😀 😀 😀

  14. New Year is a wonderful time to forget the unpleasant incidents of the past, learn from the wrongdoings of the bygone times and to start afresh with fresh new hopes.

  15. New Year is a time to forget the past, cherish good memories, experience the bliss of forthcoming year, and do new things in the future.

  16. Embrace the year with an open heart to attract more beautiful things. Happy New Year.

  17. Wishing ALL, Happy and prosperous 2017. May the dawn of the new year bring lots of love and happiness in each one's life.

  18. As you say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, cherish the beautiful treasures of the year gone by and remember the lessons to move forward on the road to success.

  19. God gave us each one more new year to undo the wrongs of the past, to see the unseen and to do the undone. Happy 2017 New Year.

  20. Things may change every year but my New Year wish of seeing you happy and prosperous will remain unchanged each year.

  21. May all your troubles get drain,you all get relief from pain,when God shower his blessings with rain,wish you all a very happy new year again

  22. Bells are ringing,birds are chirping,keeps on repeating..always stay healthy and fine,as its new year time,may you all get good wishes of mine.

  23. In the coming year 2017,I wish you all have great fun,your life will rock like beautiful beats of drum.

  24. Wishing you health so you may enjoy each day in comfort,wishing you the love of friends and family and peace with in your heart,wishing you generosity so you may share all good things that come to you.wishing you a very happy 2017.

  25. Year 2017,let this coming year bring happiness in your life and let all the unfulfilled dreams and desires you had in year 2016 be fulfilled.This coming year will bring a smile on your face and a glow on your cheeks and a very wonderful words on your lips.