In Chinese Numerology, number 2 is ruled by Moon. Numerology 2 happens to be very emotive, co-operative and have lots of feelings. As per the Chinese Astrology, the Numerology 2 is surely a good number.

Going by the Chinese saying, “good things come in pairs”. Number two is among the most sensitive of all the other numbers. It is a yin number, going by the Chinese Horoscope.

The element that is associated with the numerology two is the Earth. The element of earth gives stability to those under the number two and helps them do well in life by reaching their goals. It also enhances the determination. Chinese Numerology 2 happens to be the 1st number to be on Emotional Plane and signifies the perceptive and sensitive side of the people. Number 2 sound very similar to that of “sure” and symbolizes symmetry and “doubling up” as for instance, doubling up the happiness.

Number signifies the vibrations from the Moon. Moon rules the psyche, along with the mental and emotional aspects. A numerology 2 individual is quick to respond and prefers having a family life. Friendship and emotional accord is what they seek in their lives. No matter how much a number 2 person is extrovert, yet they would still love to have solitude and space and want to spend a peaceful life. Those having a very dominant influence of the numerology 2 are generally withdrawn and shy. Number 2 has many similarities with the western zodiac signs Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo while Libra, Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo seem to give surprising and varied outcomes of this particular number.

Depending on the consequences and shapes of the moon, the disposition and energy of a person also varies. While they are compassionate and cheerful this moment, the very next moment they can become depressed and aloof. They are meditative and instinctive. Those individuals under the supremacy of the Chinese Numerology 2 have a likeness for romance and arts.

Though very compassionate and instinctive about the feelings and sentiments of others, they themselves however, won’t share their emotions and feelings with others. Often great cooks, number two individuals have a fascination for wine and good food. They are supple, adjustable and have a good sense of humor. Harmony, safety and luxury are what they prefer in their lives. They are very dependable, devoted completely to their family and close ones and loves having a monetary security. Numerology 2 is a number of development, motherly instincts and encouragement.

Numerology 2 Personality Traits

As per the Chinese Numerology, those who happen to be number 2, actually have a very contradictory personality that is full of several surprises. Their persistent quality makes them work well in groups or with others. Rather than leaders they are better as team members. Rather than taking, they are more into giving. They are dreamers with a positive imagination. This makes them artistic naturally. They are good in interior design, advertising, hairdressing, writing, and history to mention some of them. Since you come under the numerology 2, you don’t prefer being in crowds and like to have a very small group of very close friends.

Those coming under the Numerology 2 are full of emotions and very sensitive. Emotions can sometimes make you very touchy and hypersensitive. Working in harmony and love with others is what they prefer and love to do. When it comes to comforting others, they are good in that and ready to take up rages. They are co-operative, sympathetic, good-natured, understanding and helpful. Any one can feel safe after sharing a secret with them because they are very good in keeping secrets. Though timid and shy, yet they get along well with others. They prefer to have a settled and detailed routine.

Positive Characteristics

The positive characteristics consist of being subtle, gentle, cooperative, diplomatic, tactful, patient, harmonious, artistic, sincere, emphatic, supportive, humble, loving, intuitive and peaceful, considerate and responsive. Those falling under numerology 2 understand how others feel and what they need. They are excellent team workers with organizational skills.

Negative Characteristics

The negative characteristics consist of their being fear, timid, low self-esteem, depressed, lack of self-confidence, vulnerable, easily hurt, restless and not ambitious. They have a tendency to escape from criticisms and confrontation.

Career Options

The various career options where those under number 2 can flourish are as healer, teacher, musician, counselor, designer, diplomat, architect, advisor etc.

The Lo Shu Grid that serves as the basis for the Chinese numerology helps in calculating the strengths, weaknesses and other character traits of the individuals. The various calculations of the birth year, month and date following the Lo Shu Grid, helps us in knowing an individuals, his future etc.

Those persons with only one 2 happen to be sensitive, and get their sentiments hurt very easily. They are capable of spotting a phony immediately.

Those persons with two 2s are intuitive and very bright. Often, they are also good psychics.

Those persons with three 2s are also very sensitive. This sometimes makes them reclusive towards avoiding pain.

Those persons with four 2s are nit picky and impatient. They can be at times very difficult and problematic to handle. They like to spend time alone in order to avoid any type of emotional injuries, be it imagined or real.

Those persons with over four 2s are complainers! They often seem to be doubtful regarding themselves and their positive traits and this makes them gripe.

Famous Personalities Born Under Numerology 2

The famous personalities born under Numerology 2 are Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth of Rumania, Thomas Chatterton, Sadi Carnot, Napoleon III, King Victor, David Garrick (Actor) Lord Curzon of Kedleston, Emmanuel III, Edison, Ibsen (Author), William Lecky Charles II, President Harding (U.S.A.) President Poincare (France), President Adams (U.S.A.) Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan.


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