Even before the onset of a New Year, people start planning about all the major events that are lined up in the upcoming months. 2015 Events is our attempt to make informed and organized plans.

Don’t you always want to know whether there is a long weekend in the upcoming New Year? Haven’t you ever sighed at sighting a holiday coinciding with a weekend? If you have, then our 2015 Events calendar would be the place for you to be and do all your holiday planning for round the year events and occurrences.

We at 123NewYear bring before you the list of Events round the globe scheduled for the year 2015. We have stressed on the events that are expected to take place in India, United Kingdom and the United States of America. This would help you to mark not only the festivals, but also the public holidays and bank holidays that at times become very essential in planning financial transactions and at times even to make your travel plans.

Festivals also make us remember the traditions and customs that are intertwined with the culture and heritage of each country, every region of the globe being unique in this aspect. Apart from that we have also included the major sporting events and their dates that are expected to happen round the world during the year 2015 so as to build up your excitement quotient further.

2015 January Events

Name of the Event
1st January New Year; The Eurasian Economic Union would start functioning; Lithuania drops its local currency litas and adopts Euro thereby becoming the 19th country in the Euro Zone.
26th January Indian Republic Day; Australia Day
4th January to 26th January Asian Cup (Football/ Soccer)
17th January to 8th February African Cup of Nations (Football/ Soccer)
19th January to 1st February Australian Open (Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Grand Slam)
21st January to 8th February World Masters Games (Multi Sports)

2015 February Events

Name of the Event
1st February Super Bowl (USA)
2nd February Groundhog Day
14th February Valentine’s Day
18th February Ash Wednesday
19th February Chinese New Year
2nd to 15th February World Skiing Championship
3rd to 8th February Indoor Field Hockey World Cup
18th to 22nd February UCI Track Cycling World Championships

2015 March Events

Name of the Event
1st to 30th March Cricket – Men’s World Cup
2nd March Dr. Suess Birthday
2nd to 8th March World Junior Figure Skating Championships
20th March First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere)
6th March to 16th March World Junior Snowboarding Championships
6th March to 8th March Speed Skating – World All-round Championships
7th March to 14th March FIS Junior World Ski Championships
13th March to 15th March Short Track – Men’s and Women’s World Championship
March 20th Total Solar Eclipse. It would be visible in North Atlantic
23rd March to 29th March Figure Skating – World Championships
March 29 Palm Sunday

2015 April Events

Name of the Event
3rd April Good Friday
5th April Easter
6th April Patriots’ Day
6th April Easter Monday
22nd April Earth Day
22nd April Administrative Professionals’ Day

2015 May Events

Name of the Event
1st May May Day
1st May to 17th May Ice Hockey – World Championship
2nd May Join Hands Day
5th May Cinco de Mayo
5th May to 31st October Expo 2015 will be held in Milan, Italy.
6th May Nurses’ Day
7th May United Kingdom General Election according to the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011
7th May to 10th May Golf – The Players Championship
10th May Mothers’ Day
22nd May National Maritime Day
25th May Memorial Day

2015 June Events

Name of the Event
1st June Basketball – Euro-Basket Women
5th June World Environment Day
6th June to 11th June Fencing – European Championships
18th June to 21st June U.S. Open Golf Championship
29th June to 12th July Tennis – Men’s and Women’s Grand Slam – Wimbledon
14th June Flag Day
21st June Father’s Day
21st June Summer Solstice

2015 July Events

Name of the Event
1st July Canada Day
4th July Independence Day in US
4th July to 18th July American Football – IFAF World Championship
10th July to 26th July XVII Pan American Games
13th July to 19th July Fencing – World Championships
15th July to 19th July Athletics – World Youth Championships
14th July Bastille Day
16th July to 26th July Basketball – Women’s World Championships U-19
16th July to 19th July Golf – The Open Championship
18th July to 26th July Inline Speed Skating – European Championships
19th July to 2nd August Diving, Swimming and Synchronized Swimming – World Championships
20th July to 25th July Softball – Women’s European Championships
28th July to 2nd August Archery – World Championships
31st July to 2nd August Equestrian – European Endurance Championships
26th July Parents’ Day
17th July (+/- one day depending on sighting of the moon) Eid-ul-Fitr

2015 August Events

Name of the Event
2nd August Friendship Day
15th August Independence Day in India, Assumption Day
19th August National Aviation Day
20th August to 30th August Field hockey – Men’s and Women’s Euro-hockey Nations Championship
22nd August to 30th August Athletics – World Championships
21st August Senior Citizens’ Day
26th August Women’s Equality Day
30th August to 5th September Rowing – World Championships
31st August to 13th September Tennis – Men’s and Women’s Grand Slam – US Open

2015 September Events

Name of the Event
7th September Labor Day
13th September National Grandparents’ Day
13th September Partial Solar Eclipse
16th September Stepfamily Day
21st September International Day of Peace
25th September Native American Day
1st September to 6th September Swimming – World Junior Championships
2nd September to 13th September Amateur Boxing – Junior World Championships
7th September to 13th September Gymnastics – World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
17th September to 20th September Canoeing – Marathon World Championships
18th September to 11th October Rugby – World Cup
evening of 22nd September to the evening of
23rd September Eid-ul-Adha
20th September to 26th September Cycling – World Championships
26th September to 4th October Table tennis – Men’s and Women’s European Championships

2015 October Events

Name of the Event
5th October Child Health Day
12th October Columbus Day
16th October National Boss Day
17th October Sweetest Day
22nd October Dussehra
24th October United Nations Day
25th October Mother-in-law Day
31st October Halloween
24th October to 1st November Gymnastics – World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

2015 November Events

Name of the Event
1st November All Saints Day
2nd November All Souls Day
9th November to 15th November Tennis – Fed Cup Final
11th November Remembrance Day/ Armistice Day; Deewali.
20th November to 29th November Weightlifting – World Championships
23rd November to 29th November Tennis – Davis Cup Final
26th November Thanksgiving Day
27th November Black Friday
30th November Cyber Monday

2015 December Events

Name of the Event
1st December AIDS Awareness Day
1st December to 5th December Gymnastics – World Trampoline Championships
10th December Human Rights Day
22nd December Winter Solstice
25th December Christmas
31st December New Year’s Eve


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