Going by Chinese Numerology, number 22 happens to be a Master Number. Master numbers are actually the highly charged versions of the single digits that represent them.

With more potential than any other numbers, the master numbers are also at the same time difficult to tackle. Also, they need more time to mature and develop themselves as complete personalities.

Immensely paradoxical, master numbers are also challenging. The deep desire to acquire something very extraordinary sometimes tends to create inner tensions. Often the master numbers are late bloomers. There are 2 Master Numbers in Chinese Numerology, 11 and 22.

Master number 22 happens to be the highly charged version of Number 4 (22 = 2 + 2 = 4). Hence all the characteristics of Number 4 are also applicable for Number 22, the only difference being that in case of 22, the characteristics are more enhanced. Number twenty two is also referred as the master builder. With immense potential to turn highly ambitious dreams also to reality, number 22 is the most successful, as per Numerology 22.

Number 22 happens to be the combination of the intuitive insights of Number 2 along with the practicality of Number 4. In order to make the proper use of their potential, the Number 22 people should be more practical.

Number 22 serves as the destiny number of the individuals who are builders and leaders. Those coming under Numerology twenty two have the talent to build empires. They are stubborn and can fight out any situation.

The Master Number 22 represents the twenty two letters of original Hebrew alphabet and also the Tree of Life, the basis for most Numerological systems. The twenty two paths that correspond to the letters signify the emanations from the Almighty who made the universe. It is believed that probably, these twenty two paths were used by the original Tarot designers, who used these paths to denote the twenty two Trumps of the Tarot. Hence Number 22 can be seen to be very powerful with a sense of completeness attached to it. The higher goals that are further than personal ambition can be realized by Number 22 people only by way of hard work and focus.

Numerology 22 Personality Traits

The varied personality traits of those falling under Numerology 22 are they are the Master Builder also referred as the grand builders. They have the ability in them to achieve great things with assistance from others. They are usually visionaries with their feet strongly grounded. They love world peace. They have immense organizational abilities, practicality and common sense. Unconventional in actions and thought, they are full with ideas and are very ambitious.

With very little faith on the capability of other individuals, the Number 22 people have a tendency to control both situations and people. 22’s often try to control people and situations. They are also very mean and selfish.

Since they have a tendency to be workaholics, all the number 22 individuals should therefore maintain a healthy balance between relaxing and working. They also need to take care of their diet and eating habits.

Those coming under Numerology 22 are usually detail-oriented, planned, systematic, methodical, disciplined, accurate, dependable, on time, honest, responsible and without artifice. Giving up easily is something they won’t do, since they are hard workers and perseverant.

Positive Characteristics

The positive characteristics of the Number 22 people happens to be in their being builder, leader, practical, idealist, truthful, arranger of the humanitarian projects and intuitive. Those coming under Numerology 22 can handle diverse kind of people, really very well. Also, they are inspirational, visionary, self-confident and idealistic with a great common sense.

Negative Characteristics

The negative characteristics that can be traced within Numerology 22 people are they happen to be very rigid, critical, obstinate, detail-oriented, domineering, serious and overly cautious. They might at times lack adaptability and flexibility.

With a very conventional approach towards everything, the number 22 individuals find it very difficult to tackle with the changes and deal them properly. Since they are not able to trust others completely, this often leads to them being extremely manipulative and controlling

Career Options

The diverse career options for those coming under Chinese Numerology 22 include business person, entrepreneur, politician, leader etc.


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