Going by the Numerology 8, number 8 is one of the yin numbers that enhances determination. In numerology it is denoted by numbers such as 2, 5 and 8.

The element associated with Numerology 8 is earth. The element of earth is believed to give stability in people’s lives and also help them in realizing their goals in life. Number 8 is concerned with how good people can manage the smaller aspects in their lives.

As per the Chinese Astrology, planet Saturn happens to rule Number Eight. A solid and stable number, the number is endowed with many limitations that are required to be transcended. Those with the prominence of number 8 in their numerology generally should learn from experience.

The numerical Meaning of Number 8 in Chinese Numerology is “New Beginning”. It is the number representing power and sudden fortune. According to some people, number 8 is linked with that symbol, which stands for infinity. Number 8 sounds quite similar to that of “multiply”, representing good luck.

The prominent uses of number 8 are

  • Eight person on Noah’s Ark
  • Circumcision happened on the eighth day
  • Almighty created 8 covenants with Abraham
  • The 8th day happens to be the 1st day of the new week
  • The 8th note starts a new musical octave

Number 8 has influence on all those persons who are born on the dates such as 8th, 17th, or 26th of a month, and more so when the birth dates fall between 21st of December to 26th January, which is referred as the “House of Saturn” (Positive), and from the 26th January to February 19th-26th that is said to be the House of Saturn (Negative).

Following the Lo Shun Grid that forms the basis of the Chinese Numerology-

  • Those people with only one 8 are great with small details and are meticulous. They have active minds who don’t prefer to be stuck by any kind of routine.
  • Those people with two 8s are meticulous and incisive. They are good doers rather than being watchers or listeners. They don’t generally change their minds when they have taken a decision.
  • Those people with three 8s have a likeness for material possessions. They suit the business world quite well. They love to travel especially when it concerns business.
  • Those people with four 8s are constantly in the look out for change owing to their restless nature. They also like traveling.

Numerology 8 Personality Traits

As per Numerology 8, the various personality traits reflected in the number 8 people are, they happen to be stubborn. With an attraction for power and money, the number 8 people can prove to be the strength of any kind of organization. Business is something that suits them well.

They are ambitious and status, money, power, and success, they love to have. This may result in either great success or unexpected failure. They are too busy with the worldly affairs and shows lot of interest when it comes to realization of their desires and dreams. Since they keep on trying hard for their success, they sometimes tend to neglect their responsibilities related to private life. They are selfish yet tender, thoughtless, self-centered and demands recognition.

Since those falling under numerology 8 are susceptible towards being misunderstood easily, they sometimes feel very lonely. With intense and a deep nature, they have a strong individuality.

Positive Characteristics

The positive characteristics of the Numerology 8 people consists in their being inspirational, result-oriented, influential, ambitious, creative thinker, liberal, perseverant, pardoning, tolerant, money-conscious and abstemious. When it is about accumulating wealth, they are successful to great extents. They also happen to be survivors, and natural leaders.

Negative Characteristics

As per Numerology 8, the negative characteristic that can be found in the number 8 individuals are that they are obstinate, impatient, intolerant, stressed, arrogant, materialistic and reckless. Though they have the ability to secure great wealth, yet they are often prone to lose everything. They can also be called gamblers. With a strong longing for luxuries they might be vulnerable towards corruption. What they need to learn is to draw a balance between the material and the spiritual world. They should try to use their power for the good of mankind.

Career Options

The many career options available for the number 8 people as per the Chinese Numerology 8 are investor, entrepreneur, manager, scientist, politician, business person, financial expert, politician, real estate, athlete etc.

Favorable Dates

For those coming under the Numerology 8, the favorable time for carrying out any task is on the dates falling under their ” own number,” like 8th, 17th, or 26th of a month, and more so when these same dates come under the ” period of the 8,” that is from December 21st to January 20th-27th, and from February 19th-26th. These dates are also favorable if they fall in days like Saturday, Sunday or Monday or on their compatible number, that is 4, like the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st.

The most favorable day for them happens to be Saturday. However, owing to the fact that number 4 has an influence on Sunday and Monday as well, so along with Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are also lucky!

Lucky Colors and Jewels

Dark shades of black, grey, purple and blue are the lucky colors for the people born under Numerology 8. Hence the Number eight people should try and wear more of these colors. Light colors make them look awkward and might give the feeling that something is wrong with them.

Dark toned sapphire and the amethyst are the lucky stones for the number eight individuals. Black diamond or pearl are also favorable. One of these lucky stones if worn next to the skin can be fortunate.

Famous Personalities Born Under Numerology 8

The famous personalities born under Numerology 8, all across the world include people like King Albert of Belgium, Mary I of England (called Bloody Queen Mary), Queen Mary, Joseph Chamberlain, George Bernard Shaw, Alfonso XIII of Spain, David Prince Albert (Consort of Queen Victoria), Lloyd George, Bernadotte, King of Sweden, Colonel Cody (Buffalo Bill), Admiral Dewey(U.S.A.), Wilkie Collins (Author), Sir Humphry Davy, Gounod (Composer), Louis Conde of France, Jenner (Discoverer of Vaccines), Mary ( Queen of Scots), La Fontaine, Sir John Millais (Painter), Pierpont-Morgan (Financier), Richard I (Cceur de Lion), General von Moltke, J. D. Rockefeller (Oil Magnate), Jules Verne (Novelist) and John Wesley (Preacher)


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