When alphabets appear in a dream it can actually symbolize a plethora of meanings. Alphabets can appear in your dreams in various forms – it can appear completely written or partially expressed, it can be spoken or plastically represented.

It could also be in a language that you know or in a language that is foreign to you. Now coming to what any alphabet can represent, alphabets are basically the basis of what forms a language. As such, these stand for the principle features or characteristics of a person or object or emotion or trend or behavior or action or thought or feelings.

In your dreams you can see a single alphabet or letter, or multiple letters can appear in your dreams. These alphabets can basically symbolize anything that you perhaps associate with that letter. It can also be a catalyst to your memory reminding you of a person or situation. It could also refer to understanding some primitive concepts or feelings. Like all other dreams, interpretation of dreams involving letters or alphabets too depends upon the context.

When you see letters in a language that you understand, it probably means that whatever the issue is, it is within your grasp. But when you see in your dreams letters or alphabets in foreign languages, it probably denotes that there is some issue that is beyond your comprehension and may get difficult to resolve. It could even denote lack of comprehension or communication. The letters can also represent the name or surname of a person that you have in your mind. Now let us have a look at each of the letters of the alphabet and analyze what each of them can mean when they appear in your dream –


  • The letter “A” –


“A” represents a new beginning or a whole new chapter in your life. This may mean that you are experiencing a brand new idea or you would turn a new leaf over. A represents superiority and grandeur. It may also represent some creative ideas.


  • The letter “B” –


B asks you to let things be as they are in your life. When this letter is written on paper it represents that you are probably accepting subordination to someone or to a situation in general, or perhaps you are unable to follow your heart. It suggests you to contemplate and act in the best effective manner.


  • The letter “C” –


C represents routine. It can also represent that you need to take note of something. It may also refer to your power to focus or concentrate.


  • The letter “D” –


D stands for mediocrity. In terms of relationship with others, it may mean a wall or barrier. In terms of your profession it may indicate that you need to work hard to enjoy response and rewards.


  • The letter “E” –


E is considered inspirational. E can be the leader who can lead people to the right path. This is because of the fact that E is the first vowel in the alphabet system. E may also suggest your popularity among peers.


  • The letter “F” –


F is suggestive of failure, lack of focus and disappointment. However, if it appears in gold, then it may suggest success, but only a one that is short lived.


  • The letter “G” –


G represents organization and futuristic approach towards life. It encourages you to find out what you desire in life and urges you to strive and improve your possessions, both mental and material.


  • The letter “H” –


H stands for balance and equilibrium. It stands for harmony, cooperation, positive interaction and encouragement from peers.


  • The letter “I” –


This means that you should shift your focus to yourself for a while. It also means that you need to know yourself better and need to find out what your true needs and wants are.


  • The letter “J” –


J is considered to be pretty lucky when viewed in your dreams. It implies that you have the capacity to consider various perspectives before taking a decision. It also implies that you want to retain something in your life.


  • The letter “K” –


It probably denotes that you are “okay”. From the numerological perspective this alphabet can actually represent a person who is highly temperamental and whimsical.


  • The letter “L” –


L perhaps denotes loss of some kind. Or it may also imply that your success may come only after some delay. However it also gives you hope and confidence to have faith in yourself and in what you believe. Whatever disappointment may come your way would be temporary. The letter may also bear the message that you are probably going through a crucial phase in your life that would in more ways than one change the course of your life and change the person that you are.


  • The letter “M” –


This implies that you shall be getting vocal about something. You have probably promised someone that you shall keep quiet about something. But you shall have to give in. It may also represent your concern about safety and security of some kind, job, relationship or personal.


  • The letter “N” –


This letter denotes a new journey or a new chapter in life. It brings the happy news that you are leaving behind something irritating or annoying and going for something more positive.


  • The letter “O” –


This letter represents originality. It denotes that you should believe in originality. It denotes that you should stick to your beliefs and ideas and should try to bring people or situations to your stride.


  • The letter “P” –


This letter implies that you need to be more maturely responsible towards the various situations that life throws in your way. You should be more understanding in your approach and should learn to deal with situations after proper considerations.



  • The letter “Q” –


This is indicative of the fact that you have done your job well, and can now wait for the rewards to be showered on you. It also implies that you were probably happy to have mastered a project or by meeting a deadline.


  • The letter “R” –


Psychologists have related the letter R to rest and relaxation. So when this letter of the alphabet appears in your dream it probably suggests that you need a lot of rest and relaxation.


  • The letter “S” –


The letter S is highly indicative of the SOS message. It however may not have such an intense meaning when it appears in your dreams, but it may imply that you need some suggestions in some sphere of your life.


  • The letter “T” –


The letter T is representative of thinking, and it may imply that you have blocked your mind from thinking freely or it may also imply that you are closed to newer view points. Alternately it may also denote depth of thought and understanding, and your zeal to bring every situation to your stride. In romance, T implies being flirtatious and fun.


  • The letter “U” –


U in your dreams is indicative of “You”, and it perhaps denotes that you need to pay attention to self and take some action for self betterment. Depending on the content of your dream it may also suggest that you need to need to change something in yourself.


  • The letter “V” –


This letter in your dreams implies peace, success, talent and accomplishment in any sphere of your life. This is also because of the fact that as per Roman numerology this is the symbol of number five which is often related to a sense of completeness.


  • The letter “W” –


This is the letter that denotes your affection for the luxuries of life.


  • The letter “X” –


This is a letter that denotes productivity. This means that you are working in full force, and that you shall be getting results soon. This also means that you shall get compensated in proportion to your efforts.


  • The letter “Y” –


There are various interpretations of this letter as per different psychologists. Some believe that this means you shall get some money. Some say that it denotes your affinity for things from the past – objects, people or memories. It may also indicate the fact that you are standing in a stage of life that represents the crossroad from where you can take either of the two directions like the bifurcation of the letter Y. This is the point where you should choose with care for it is your choice that would determine the course of your life in the times to come.


  • The letter “Z” –


Z represents “Zen”. This brings the message that you need to focus on the sense of feeling complete. It may also indicate shifting your focus to inner peace and happiness. It may also bring you the message of what can make your life feel more peaceful or complete.

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