Aquarius is always on the go. They are social beings who are always thinking of bringing positive changes to the world around them. They are open to changes and are full of progressive ideas. When two such people come together in a romantic relationship, they enjoy following current events, taking up new projects and explore the world around them.


This pair would be very active and there will never be a dull moment in their days. However, being involved in so many activities leaves them little time for their domestic life and also to share intimate moments with their partner.

Also these people often have some difficulty in expressing their true feelings and also in understanding the feelings of their partner. They often have a preconceived notion about how a person should behave or come across, and when that does not match, they feel ruffled.

Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Saturn and Uranus which imbibes in them novel ideas and radical thoughts. There are idealistic and as such many other sun signs find it difficult to adjust with them. When pairing with another Aquarius this fear does not hold ground. Aquarius is an Air sign and their intellectual capabilities make them confident and assured. However, at times there is a chance of these two strongly opinionated people having an argument due to difference in opinion. Both the partners are sharp witted and an argument may not be good for the relationship. Also, due to their aloofness, domestic life may get affected.

Aquarius is attractive and charming with a very different outlook towards life. A romantic relationship with Aquarius will be full of fun and excitement. Aquarius loves independence and always thrives to get freedom in their life. When they mate with another Aquarius, they understand each other’s need of freedom and they are always willing to give their partner independence and space. They have a detached and aloof attitude towards the world at large. Although they mingle with a lot of people, they rarely have intimate friends.

They have the capacity to love deeply and their romantic relationship would be full of passion, but they are a little too hesitant about commitments. A romantic liaison between two Aquarius people will be very interesting but may miss out on some intricate yet important aspects of love. However, these two would be very comfortable in each other’s company. Both would love to explore and would fill up their days with adventure and fun activities. They would also like to discuss about each other’s ventures. In fact these two would develop a great friendship. The trouble may brew when these two forget to get more intimate than that. A romantic relationship demands a certain degree of intensity and intimacy. When Aquarius is ready to devote to the relationship and their partner the bond would be an enriching one.

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