2015 has a busy year plan for people born under the sun sign of Aquarius. Your thoughts would be up in the air, but your mind would be firmly rooted to the ground. This combination would ensure that you can accomplish the missions that you take up under your wings.

Your enterprising and industrious nature will have a full scope of spreading its wings during the course of the year. But you should also be prepared to devote the chunk of your time will be taken up by promotional activities, official events and tours.

This is a small price that you should be ready to pay for your success story to get written. You may consider taking up a new activity or hobby to get rejuvenated when all the work pressure start to take a toll on your mind and/ or body. Travelling will be frequent, giving you the chance to meet new people and expand your horizons.

This would be an excellent opportunity for you to expand upon your networking – this would not only bring you new associations in the personal front, but would also help you to connect with more people in the same area as your profession. Keep a tab on your argumentative nature to avoid set-back. Remember that every individual is entitled to a view point – if you expect others to respect your ideas, then you should also in turn respect what other people opine.

From the astrological point of view, this is not the year when it is recommended to venture into real estate. Make a conscious effort to brush up your relationship with people around you and close to you. Handle any discord with patience and maturity.

Love and Relationship

Love and Relationships will bring Aquarians happiness and contentment in 2015. You would see all your dreams, aspirations and desires taking a concrete shaping and becoming a reality. For singles, there is a high chance to find your soul-mate. However, you should grant your partner the space to bloom as a person, having faith and trust in the person you love, caring about your significant other and her/his feelings. Only with mutual effort will a comfortable balance in equilibrium can be achieved. Overall, 2015 will see an Aquarian high strung on emotions. Certain feelings from deep down under will try to emerge and surface. You should know which to choose and which to discard for peace and happiness.

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Aquarius Daily Horoscope (December 03, 2015)

Today Lady Luck will be completely in your favor. Without having to plan much, you shall be at the right place at the right time and would be able to fish out opportunities that would benefit you to a great extent. Grab every chance today and take every situation to your stride. Financially too it would be a beneficial day for you as you may gain in the form of earning as well as gift.

Lucky Number : 3, 15, 35


Aquarius Horoscope 2015

Aquarius Horoscope 2015

Career and Business

Matters at work will see many changes in 2015. You’d be inspired to seek fresh avenues creating an evolution in your career path. You will be fortunate enough to be inspired by the guidance, inspiration and learning from your seniors and peers at work.

The cooperation and help you would get will help create a harmonious and peaceful work environment which will further facilitate growth. 2015 will see Aquarius giving their sincere best in all that they do. Your commitment, dedication, hard-work, stamina and creativity will let you make the most of all the opportunities that come up to you.

For some, chances of changing the course in also on the cards. At the onset these changes may not make you feel very comfortable, in fact you may resist them too, but once you get the hang of it, you shall realize that the full potential of the shift was not be visible right away, but with time the change has proven itself to be a beneficial one.

This is also an auspicious year to make your dreams on entrepreneurship come true. However you should be very particular of assessing the terms and conditions before entering into any kind of contract at any time during the course of the year.

Health and Wellness

2015 brings the best of health and cheer to people with sun sign Aquarius. However, stress could play the role of a spoil sport. This may arise from too much pressure in the work front, that will no doubt bring you success, but with the baggage of exhaustion. To relieve yourself of all these stress factors, light exercise or yoga or meditation or playing a sport of your choice is highly recommended. This would get you your daily required dose of exercise without making you feel bored. Your digestive system may want you to take easy on food. This is mainly because of the weakness and the low energy reserve arising from the stress which would hamper your overall immunity system. It is recommended that no matter how busy you may be during the course of your daily life, you should try to have balanced meals that are timed right. Towards the end of the year, a relaxing vacation will help you to bounce back to your usual energetic and enthusiastic self. Try to remain calm and patient for your body to feel good. This is especially applicable to Aquarius born natives who suffer from hypertension. Also you should try to keep your hypertension under control or else you may develop cardiac or kidney related problems.

Money and Finance

For financial matters, Aquarians should trust their inner conscience and instinct this year. It is easy to be led astray if you trust too much on the thinking and rationale of someone else. A proper knowledge about a person is must before you trust the person for favorable suggestions. This is mainly because a lot of expenditure is on the cards for Aquarians in 2015. As such, newer opportunities or sources of income should be ventured into with zeal. Careful consideration should be made while spending so as not to burn a hole in your pocket. The second half of the year will see some gains from investments made in the past. Problems may arise if you try to cash your inheritance. Take firm decisions with your head without being bogged down by your heart. To deal with the unforeseen expenses, it is recommended that you try to save up from the beginning of the year so that you can build up a contingency fund that can be used in times of needs. If you feel too intimidated you can seek the help of a professional who can guide you to make the right investments that may bring you the required returns when you need them. In matters of financial partnerships, you should always check multiple times before signing the dotted lines.

Family and Relatives

For an Aquarian, the major challenge with respect to family in 2015 will be to maintain the right balance between personal life and professional life. You shall get so busy with your professional commitments, that there would be very little time left for your home and family. This may cause annoyance amongst your near and dear ones. Do not get irritated at them. Try and remember two things when you feel irked by their reactions. One, just as you have commitment towards your work, you also have some responsibilities towards your family and relatives; and they can expect you to fulfill them. Second, that they get annoyed with your absence proves the fact that they miss you, which consequently establishes the fact that your family loves and cares about you – not everyone is blessed with love; and as such you should respect it when you get it. To achieve a practical solution, you may need to be flexible and adapt to certain changes in your attitude, habit and approach. Try to make the most of the little time you’d get to spend with your family by devoting them maximum attention and care. Travelling, even for short vacations, with family will rejuvenate you and add freshness to your relationships as well. For people who are ready to welcome a baby to their life, post June may be a good time to consider doing so.

Travel and Vacation

Extensive travelling is on the cards for Aquarians in 2015. Mostly the travel will be related to business or career. It is advised to be cautious and alert while on such trips to avoid anything untoward and unexpected, especially in the first half of the year. Students pursuing their education away from their homeland or hometown should take extra care so as not to get involved in any controversy or serious differences in opinion. Some of the Aquarius born natives may be prone to accidents, and as such should travel with utmost care. Care should also be taken about preparing your travel documents and itinerary so that you do not face any hitch while on the go. You should also make sure of handling such documents with care for misplacing them may turn out to be troublesome. Too much travelling may cause stress and tension that may tire you out. The second half of 2015 however has pleasure trips in store for you, with family or friends.

Education and Studies

In the field of education, 2015 has mixed results on the cards for an Aquarius. Apart from the generic fact that a person born under this sun sign may need to toil harder this year to achieve the desired results, there are chances of problems even if there is a minor tendency of slip-shod attitude. For those aspiring to study abroad, there may be a chance of having trouble procuring a permit to do so. Try to avoid arguments and wait for a favorable time to strike back if at all necessary. Maintaining a positive rapport with teachers/professors and head of institution will keep your confidence high. It’d prove to be a good year for students of language and arts. If you are planning to crack competitive exams, the second half of the year will have the stars favorably inclined.

Areas of Growth

Creativity and romance will see limitless expansion in the year 2015. You may consider rekindling an old flame or turn a friendship into romance. Your family and friends will be supportive of your desires and be instrumental to help you achieve all you want. You could consider pursuing a hobby and turning it into a profession. However, these finer aspects of life should not cloud over the practical fields of work, career, profession etc. In fact, 2015 would see a great prospect in your professional front too. Gear up for more duties and responsibilities, and also to reap fruitful results from them.

Areas of Challenge

If there’s something you should trade with caution this year, it is the aspect of your health, decision making and family. In fact, the three are related. The expansion in the career front will result in the increase in stress and contraction of free time to relax and spend with your family. Also, greater responsibilities have the baggage of decision making abilities upon which a lot of stake is held. Too much of pre occupation will all these lead to lesser amount of quality time with your loved ones. This period should therefore seem to be a tad difficult phase of your life. Try to gain from your positive qualities by revoking a latent talent. Nurturing your hobbies would not only help you to rewind but also would take a breath of fresh air to your mind and soul.

Areas of Excitement

2015 is the year of innovation and creativity for an Aquarius. This however entails the usual risks involved with anything that is not on traded waters. Your creativity, ease in communicating, power to improvise and present out of the box concepts will see you win many situations. Your tastes and skills will be eclectic. You open up to people and surroundings absorbing all that is to learn from them giving you knowledge and bringing back recognition and appraisal. Travel and work will make you live life on the edge almost all the year round.

Areas of Change

Too much of activity is the root cause that would make you re-work and rearrange certain aspects of your life to maintain stability and sanity. You shall be exploring even your inner self and coming up with special nuances of your character you never paid much attention to. This along with the tremendous expectation to excel in the work front may make you feel overworked and overwhelmed. You may find yourself developing an inclination towards spiritualism. Your family will crave your attention and this may add on to the stress since your focus this year is to be an achiever in the professional sphere.