There would be powerful transformations going inside you and you shall be able to connect more deeply with your subconscious.

You shall learn to let go and this would imbibe in you a lot of positive energy.

  • January – Do not plan anything important during this month since it is not the most auspicious time for you from the astrological point of view. You need to postpone any important decision making or signing document for a while.

  • February – This would be an important month to figure out your finances. This is the right time to plan your annual investments and also to work out a budget for the upcoming months of the year.

  • March – You come up with an innovation that you are eager to execute. But you should not rush things. It is advisable for you to chalk out all the practical details and then start the journey.

  • April – This is the time when you may feel a little impatient and intolerant. You have to accept that fact that not everyone would conform to your ideas and beliefs. You have to learn to respect other peoples’ viewpoints too.

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  • May – You may revive an old vocation that you had to let go for some reason. You may feel so passionate about it that you may consider turning it into your profession as well.

  • June – You feel confident about your achievements and also about your life in general. This would imbibe in you the courage to push even those out of the box ideas that you have with success.

  • July – This month you should resolve to get as much work done as possible for this is an auspicious time for you to savor achievements. Put all your energy to your work and enjoy the results.

  • August – You feel too sensitive during this month and even a slight word or gesture from someone may make a deep impact in your mind. Don’t take everything to heart.

  • September – You suddenly have a feeling to being trapped and this sense of contraption prevents you from functioning properly in all spheres of life.

  • October – You have realized that to make your dreams a tangible reality you have to work hard and set practical expectations and a strong infrastructure to climb up to the pinnacle step by step.

  • November – This is the time of the year when you shall realize the importance of good teamwork. You shall need all the help you can procure to continue your journey towards your goal.

  • December – This is the month when you shall establish a strong connection with someone pretty influential in your place or area of work. This would help you not only to broaden your horizon in terms of contact but also make you learn a lot of important things.