When an Aries and a Cancer gets intimate it is a sure case of attraction between the two extremely opposite poles. Aries is all about individual independence and freedom of spirit. Cancer, on the other hand is a sensitive and emotional soul. The fiery, impetuous nature of Aires is very different from the composed and steady approach of Cancer.


The whirlwind of activities that the Ram (Aries) brings to the life of the Crab (Cancer) makes the latter leave its shell for a while which makes it a stimulating experience for both. However the trouble arises when the emotional Cancer reacts to the bluntness of Aries and gets hurt for a Cancer when hurt nurses it for a long time and does not forget or forgive very easily.

Also, the Crab sometimes gets too protective of the partner which clashes with the independent spirit of Aries. For this relationship to work, both the parties should listen and understand the needs and wants of each other and work together to achieve harmony.

Aries Man and Cancer Women

A Cancer woman is very protective of her man and gives him a comforting home. But it is difficult to tame the fiery independent spirit of the Aries. In fact, he may feel a little irritated by too much intimacy. Aries is all about excitement and change, while for Cancer love means lifelong support and security. The Aries man would not hesitate to throw admiring glances at other women. This may make the Cancer woman feel insecure and ignored. When it comes to love, Cancer can get very jealous – so Aries should be cautious about that. The trick to make this relationship work is to give each other some breathing space.

Aries Women and Cancer Man

She is fun loving and carefree, while he is sensitive and possessive. From the astrological point of view, this match is not considered too favorable. There will a magical physical chemistry between the two. However, for the mental frequencies to match there has to be conscious effort on part of both the partners. Stubbornness and determination are embedded within the mind of both the partners and this creates the clash. The Cancer should appreciate having beside him one of the most innocent Sun Signs, while the woman should appreciate having one of the most dedicated and loyal partner in her man.

There is a common point between these two sun signs – they are both very protective of the ones they love and care for. When a loved one is in trouble they turn into knight in shining armor to shield their beloved from it all. Aries is controlled by Mars while Cancer by Moon. Aries is a Fire sign while Cancer is a Water sign. Aries can help the Crab to open up a little while Cancer may imbibe some sensitivity in the Ram.

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