For all those of you are born within the dates 21st of March and 20th of April, you can boast of being the natives of the first astrological sign in the zodiac i.e. the Aries.

On the 21st of March, the beginning of a spring equinox as well as a new zodiac year takes place and thus Aries are associated with carefree spirit and vitality. This constellation spans the first 30 degrees of celestial longitude and has the symbol of a ram. This symbol is based on Chrysomallus who was the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece.

Much as an Aries is like a ram, there’s often a little lamb hidden inside them. This implies not always do they entangle their horns in something huge and sometimes give in rather fight in order to attain his goals. There is also a sense of softness inside them acquiring which is one of their greatest achievements. Aries is a sign that represents initiative and leadership qualities.

Being a fire element, this sign is driven by passion and actions. Ruled by the planet Mars, they are highly autonomous and headstrong. This quality of them can sometimes reach out to others as impulsive and arrogant. However, like most other human traits and the resulting equation thereof, it is a matter of perspective. They are that sign of the zodiac table that radiates a magnetic personality and strong independence.

They are made up of both weaknesses as well as strengths as like any other of the rest eleven zodiacs. Their strengths include a generous and optimistic nature. They are open to new ideas, ambitious and love to take up new challenges. They are responsible beings and make for great leaders at their workplaces. In prospect of relationships, they are frank and passionate lovers and enthusiastic and helpful friends.

They are highly dedicated to their children and make for quite protective and loving parents. They also have quite a bit of flaws in them like their moodiness and impatience. Sometimes, their impulsive nature may make them take wrong decisions. They also tend to get irritated too quickly and it’s followed by them showcasing their rude and insensitive nature.

They don’t like to take orders or instructions from others no matter how helpful they may be and easily take offence by other’s words. Overall, they have a very strong and vibrant personality and one of the most headstrong zodiacs. The Sumero – Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Agrarian Worker”.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Aries 

  • Aries and Gemini: This is one of the most successful pairing for an Aries as Gemini is more of a practical minded person that meets the more passionate nature of an Aries. Gemini’s are very good at adapting and will get along well with you in the relationship in no time. Together, they will do away with all their bad habits and develop the good habits even more. Aries being an aggressive partner, Gemini will happily follow while the Aries leads the way always. Aries being the physically stronger person and Gemini being the intellectually stronger person, they make a great team. One very helpful aspect of this pairing is Gemini usually being thick-skinned people won’t get easily affected by the rude and short-tempered nature of the Aries.

  • Aries and Aquarius: This is another coupling that is considered to be one of the most compatible ones. The unpredictable and dynamic nature and analytical mind and unique way of thinking of an Aquarius grasp the attention of an Aries. Fire being the element of Aries and Air being that of an Aquarius, the Aries loves the uninhibited and care-free attitude of its partner. Both of them are rebellious and don’t care about what opinions others hold about them. Aries are quite stubborn at times but Aquarius not being the sort to dig in on a topic, they are often allowed to get things done their way.

  • Aries and Leo: This fire-fire pairing is an absolute hit as Aries find in Leo’s all that they appreciate. They adore the sincere, big-hearted and transparent nature of the Leos. Both of them want to take on the role of the leader but it results in a healthy rather than harmful competition. Both of them are equally matched in their fierce, fighting, aggressive nature and though this terrifies the other signs it never intimidates the other part of this pair. Aries is more likely to be the impulsive one which is offset by the balanced and organized nature of the Leo. A Leo will always manage to make an Aries happy while the Aries in turn happens to understand a Leo without even really trying.

  • Aries and Sagittarius: This is one of the most perfect pairings as fire being the mutual element leads to a lot of like-mindedness among the partners. An Aries will be attracted to a Sagittarius’s craving for adventure and more so since they don’t mind their Aries partner leading the way. Neither of them have a tendency to harbor grudges which is a plus point for long term relationships. The Aries partner is usually the more aggressive and passionate one in the relationship which doesn’t pose much of a problem as Sagittarians are flexible enough to adjust with that without taking much of an offence and allow its partner to do things their way most of the time. Both of them are charismatic signs with mutual interest in sporty activities.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Aries 

  • Aries and Cancer: The reason of their incompatibility is that their styles are essentially, radically different. The Cancer is most probably going to judge Aries as too adventurous as Aries in turn feels Cancer is too sensitive. Aries are driven by ambitions and big plans for the future while Cancers are satisfied with keeping their focus on the house and family. Cancer partners are driven by emotions and will expect their Aries partner to be there for them as mushy and supportive as possible. This may pose a problem as Aries find it very hard to be compassionate or empathize with such high level of emotional needs and activities. This is the reason when these two are paired together, the Aries one will fear being trapped while the Pisces one will fear being abandoned.

  • Aries and Taurus: This is one of those matches that are so opposite in nature that they are most likely to end up in a disaster. Neither of the two signs have virtues that allow it to compromise or bend down to the others will and that makes it all the more difficult. One of the most grass-root level flaws in this relationship is that Taurus doesn’t move at the same speed as an Aries. If the speed dial of an Aries is set at 10 then that of Taurus is set at 1 and both are adamant at sticking to its own pace. Another fundamental difference in character is that Aries like to spend money while Taurus is more interested in saving and being thrifty. Thus, while being a part of this relationship, it gets very annoying, frustrating and even boring for either of them.

  • Aries and Capricorn: This fire-earth pair is not going to yield an easy going relationship as the goals and viewpoints on life are different for both of them. If the relationship goes as per the wishes of the Capricorn then it will seem to be boring and monotonous to the Aries and if it’s in the hands of the Aries then the Capricorn will be terrified out of its wits. An Aries is highly outgoing and impulsive while the Capricorn is all about being reserved and cautious. Thus, reaching a middle ground for Aries and Capricorn in a relationship is a quite challenging and near to impossible task.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Aries 

  • Aries and Aries: There is a quite high probability that this will be an ignited love-hate relationship as both of them love a good fight. Aries is a sign who hates to admit it but to be honest they crave for a little chaos and instability in their lives. They grudgingly adore an aggressive and fierce partner as them. Both of them being of the same zodiac have pros like same likes and views. However the success of this relationship is dependent on the sole policy of give and take which is something Aries are not very capable of doing. Hence, in the long run they need to have their own respective shares of control over different areas to survive.

Aries and Libra: Aries is an action undertaker while Libra is a solution provider and efficient planner. As much as it sounds like a perfect combination it’s not such an easy deal. A Libra will look to its Aries partner for compromise and adjustment that are certainly not the strong points of an Aries. The main challenge faced by them lies in the fact that Aries is an independent person and likes to take all the decisions single handed while Libras believe in team spirit. So as long as you don’t leave your tendency of winning all battles and start picking your battles sensibly, it won’t work out.

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