When birds make way to your dreams you feel a sense of freedom from limitations of the world. It feels as if your soul is free to soar high and seek newer horizons. Birds have always been associated with ideals, higher levels of thought, spiritual awakening.

They make you feel unburdened. They are even associated with enlightenment in some cultures because of the fact that these are the creatures that stay high up in the sky closer to what we believe to be heaven. As such, birds are considered to be messiahs of God.

Birds also symbolize the element of Air; and from this perspective bird dreams are related to power of thoughts and communication. More often than not bird dreams come to you in themes that uplift your morale, although there are exceptions to the rule. People have also often associated the life cycle of birds to the various stages of human life, and as such many aspects of human feelings and emotions get expressed via bird symbolisms; and such notions are deeply embedded in our minds.

For example – doves are associated with love, white pigeons are associated with peace, a swallow is associated with the advent of spring, crows and vultures are associated with death, roosters are associating with the crack of dawn or so as to say the beginning of a new day; so on and so forth. From that aspect your dreams create imageries of birds relating to the aspect you associate with the particular bird you see in your dream.

The meaning and interpretation of your bird dream would also depend greatly upon the context in which you see the dream. Like most other dreams Bird Dreams also bring to you the message of your deep rooted emotions, insights and realizations thereby creating a bridge between your subconscious mind and your waking self.

What are the feelings associated with bird dreams?

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
  • Imagination
  • Higher goals and ideals
  • Heightened sense of awareness
  • Expansion of thoughts and ideas
  • Upliftment of morale


What are the messages that bird dreams try to bring to your waking self?

  • Spread your wings
  • Broaden your horizons
  • Follow new adventures
  • New targets and goals
  • Let your hair down
  • Attention to hearth and home
  • Take a new course of action
  • Tread unseen paths
  • Follow your heart
  • Listen to your soul
  • Travel for pleasure
  • Seek your spirituality


Now let us glance at a list of the various birds and what viewing them in your dream may suggest

Name of Bird Interpretation
Black Bird Blackbird denotes lack of motivation. They appear in your dreams to tell you that you are losing interest in something. Or perhaps you are not tapping your full potential and are lacking focus.
Blue Jay Depending on the context of your dream these birds symbolize attention and appreciation – you feel that either you are getting a lot of attention; or someone else is getting all the limelight.
Blue Birds These birds bring the message of optimism. Depending on the context of your dream, these may mean that either you are optimistic, or that you need to inject a generous dose of optimism in some sphere of your life. It may also tell you that there is an issue on which you have lost all hope, but can be resolved if thought of in a positive new light.
Canary Canaries represent happy and opulent souls. Dreaming of canary suggests that you are very contented with the life that you are leading at present. It may also suggest that you are a little show off when it comes to bragging about your possessions. Conversely, a dead canary may bring you the message of impending loss and unhappiness.
Cardinals There is perhaps some happening in your life or some aspect in your life that you are not aware of. But that segment of your life requires attention. Cardinals try to bring that aspect of your life to your consciousness.
Chickadee These birds represent frailty and fragility. There is perhaps some aspect of your life that would require special attention and careful handling.
Cranes Cranes are epitome of grace and elegance. A lot of positive aspects are associated with it. They are also associated with intelligence and wisdom, and also with virtues like patience and endurance.
Crows When you dream of a crow there would be a sense of unpleasantness enveloping you. These birds often bring the news of death of someone you are attached to. Otherwise also seeing a crow in your dream suggests that you may have to go through some hardships in life, or perhaps there are some obnoxious people around you.
Doves Doves are associated with peace. When you see doves in your dreams you perhaps are on the verge of finding resolution to any problem that has been bugging you for a while. Or perhaps you shall take some hardship to your stride. It could also mean that you have come to accept certain factors in your life that were probably bothering you for a while.
Ducks Quacking ducks may be suggestive of gossip and telling tales. You may be the subject of such gossip, or perhaps you are the one who indulges in gossips. Positively ducks are associated with the fact that you are aware of what is going on around you.
Eagles Eagles represent self pride, determination and a sense of freedom. Seeing an eagle in a dream may suggest that you feel powerful and that you are in a superior position compared to those around you.
Egret/ Herons These appear in your dreams mostly when you are deeply engrossed in some kind of thought. More often than not such thoughts are related to your future and planning thereof.
Falcons You probably have high hopes and aspirations and are planning how to execute them. Or perhaps there is a conflict of various targets that you have set for yourself in your life. At such junctures of life falcons usually appear in dreams.
Flamingos These are beautiful and colorful birds, and make lovely visuals. These are associated with flamboyance or the nature to show off. Perhaps you are trying to attract attention to yourself, whether consciously or not.
Goose You probably have high regard for yourself and consider yourself to be someone important. Your “self pride” reaches to an extent where you probably disregard others. You try to seek attention and are impatient about anything or anyone where you are not the first priority.
Hawk These birds are revered for their ability to make fast decisions and making them right too. They are also known for their fast action. They are also associated with knowing how to get what they want no matter what.
Hens/ Chickens These represent all the feelings of insecurity that are embedded in you. You probably require more encouragement and support. Even when you oppose someone or something deep within, you cannot expression any retaliation. Perhaps you need some friends to stand up by you.
Hummingbird You are surely one who faces problems in making a decision, or perhaps you are someone who needs a lot of options and alternatives before making any final choice.
Kingfisher You value your dignity over anything and everything else and would in no way stoop down to accept anything that can stain your dignity.
Loons You perhaps feel that you are stranded in life and are not fully aware of what you want to do next. This makes you feel awkward and indecisive.
Magpies Magpies represent dissatisfaction and disagreements. Magpies also suggest of dishonest intent. You are probably attempting to take what you want even if that requires crooked method.
Nightingales Nightingales are associated with deep sorrows and grave pains, mostly associated with love. Perhaps you have been unsuccessful in the sphere of romance.
Ostrich You have probably faced a situation in life that you wished never happened. You feel embarrassed and awkward. You are not sure what course of action you could take from there to undo such awkward embarrassment.
Owls Owl represents wisdom. Seeing an owl in a dream represents that you are deep within aware of the fact that you have made some wise decisions in your life. These are also associated with unraveling mysteries.
Parakeet You are perhaps someone who lacks initiative. Or perhaps you have let the reins of your life be controlled by someone else. The good part is that you have no regrets about such a situation.
Parrot These may represent gossip and circulation of information for that is what parrots do – repeat what they have heard from others. As such these may also denote lack of ingenuity.
Peacock You have too much vanity and pride, so much so that you do not feel embarrassed to show off. You are perhaps seeking attention and want everybody to notice you or your work.
Penguin You are a harmless and genuine person. You are never considered to be a threat to anyone or anything.
Pigeon Pigeons represent blind love and affection. They may also represent getting messages from somewhere. But mostly such messages would be related to softer human emotions.
Quails You are probably too cautious about something and should learn to take it easy at times. While you do not need to be laid back in your attitude, there is also no need for false alarms in all situations in life.
Ravens This is the way your intuition or sixth sense sends you the message of some impending danger or misfortune and warns you to take guard.
Roadrunner You are always running after something. It may be one idea after the other or one job after the other. It is highly likely as such that you leave behind a trail of unfinished projects.
Robin You are ready to sacrifice all that you have to get what you want. You are prepared to combat all obstacles and take them to your stride to reach your goal.
Rooster Rooster represents a wakeup call. There are perhaps some aspects of your life that needs attention and you are not noticing that. Or perhaps you have been whiling away your time a lot and now need to sit up and take some action.
Seagull These represent understanding and graceful acceptance. You are prepared to gracefully accept what life brings your way, whether it is positive or negative.
Storks Storks are associated with situations where one is too proud to listen to good words and suggestions from others. Perhaps you are jealous or egoistic. You fully intend to ignore everything that anyone suggests to you.
Sparrows You probably feel neglected and that people do not give you the importance you deserve. Or perhaps there is an aspect in your life that you are overlooking or underestimating.
Swallow You have gathered experiences from all that have happened around you, accepted the natural course of your life, and now it is time you feel ready to move on.
Swan You are either an idealist or a perfectionist. You want the best out of everything. The perfect relationship, the best lifestyle and more. You are probably easily disappointed by any dilution of perfection.
Toucans You are craving attention. You need to be heard. You feel that it is the time when people should hear you out.
Turkey Seeing a turkey in your dream suggests that you think that you are in a situation where you may look like a fool or a situation where you think that you may get embarrassed.
Vulture Vultures are associated with death. Vultures thrive on the dead too. As such they represent a situation when you may gain out of someone else’s misfortune.
Woodpecker You are a diligent person and you always try to give everything your best shot.

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