If you think that you are the only one contemplating about the forthcoming 2019 New Year break, you are wrong. There are many enthusiasts who are also doing the same thing. There is already an upsurge in 2019 New Year holiday destination searches on the Internet. To avoid the last minutes catastrophe and to enjoy a peaceful holiday, people now think of New Year holidays much before their New Year breaks.

The holiday session in America and many other Christian counties begin with the Christmas. During this time attendance in schools and offices become sparse since everyone goes to shop for the coming festivals and vacation. New Year is therefore the time for festivity and celebration for all.

After a long and stressful year we all quite deservingly look forward to the New Year break. It is the time for us to plan a trip with the family, visit relatives or plan a vacation with our loved ones. We all therefore wait eagerly for the holiday period at the end of the year.

If you are planning for a New Year break in 2019 here is your guide to help you plan for the most memorable New Year vacation.

Famous New Year Holiday Destination

For many this is the period to take break from the regular routines and fly off to an exotic holiday destination to relax. New Year holiday destination is therefore one of the most searched terms on the Internet. Following is a list to some of the most favorite tourist destinations where you can plan your 2019 New Year break.

If you are planning a vacation in any of the famous tourist destinations you may plan ahead since most of these places are crowded during the holidays.

Australia: Australia is a great place to visit during the New Year holidays. Each of the major cities in Australia holds spectacular shows during New Year celebration. There are firework, road shows, parties and parades to celebrate the beginning of a new year. In Brisbane, around 50,000 people every year gather at different places around the Brisbane River to watch firework display. Sydney in particular is popular for a magnificent celebration of New Year. The light and firework show in the Sydney Horbour Bridge is usually based on a theme. Every year tourists gather around the Sydney Horbour Bridge to witness the spectacle and to commemorate the beginning of a new year.

England: People from every part of the world pour in to London to commemorate the New Year. The main celebration happens on Palace of Westminster, popularly known as the Big Ben. The New Year is celebrated with firework show, which started with the clock striking the midnight and continues well past in the New Year. In 2013, around 250,000 people had gathered around Big Ben to welcome the New Year.

The London New Year celebration continues in January 1st with New Year’s Day Parade. The New Year celebration in London is directly telecasted by BBC in England and Welsh.

Paris: Paris is another favorite tourist destination, which attracts vacationers from around the world. The New Year Eves celebration in Paris is called le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestr, which is a feast consisting traditional dishes of foie gras, sea foods and champagne.

The New Year day celebration is called le Jour de l’An. The main celebration of the day happens on the Eiffel Tower where most people gather to witness the spectacular display of fireworks.

Brazil: For fun, frolic and beaches- Brazil is one of the most sought after tourist destination of the world. Tourists throng the beaches of Brazil to enjoy few days freely and without worries. New Year celebration in Brazil is therefore a special attraction.

The Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro is where the special occasion is held. The beach at Copacabana is considered as the location for one of the greatest New Year celebration with spectacular firework display. Hence, if you have not yet decided to for your 2019 New Year break then you can put Brazil in your list.

What more? You can enjoy the warm tropical climate, blue sea along with the regular funs of the beaches.

United States: The Time Square of the New York City remains the main attraction for New Year celebration. Ball dropping for last 100 years has remained the tradition to mark the celebration of New Year. Thousands of people gather in Times Square to behold the tradition.

Las Vegas is another place where New Years day celebration is a grand event. Las Vegas is always one of the main tourist’s attractions in USA. The city is considered as the dream city and the city of fortune because of its many casinos and vibrating life style. The New Year celebration in Las Vegas is therefore a show of extravagance and prosperity.

For many people New Year break is the time to reunite with friends and family. Many of us fly to visit our parents and siblings during the time. Hence, you have a full liberty to plan your vacation in your special way. For many of us the financial condition is still stringent and many of us still have to live of a shoe string budget. Hence, it might not be possible for many households to plan an extravagant 2019 New Year break. If you too are on a strict budget and can’t visit all the international locations, how about withdrawing for some days to a quite country location? You can enjoy a quite holiday with your loved one in a farmhouse, away from the worries of urban life. This will freshen up your mind and rejuvenate your strength. You will find anew vigor to face the new challenges of life.

Hence, take no chance and plan a holiday of your life to make it the most memorable of all your New Year breaks. So, start planning and look forward to the New Year Vacation.