Insects are often associated with insignificance and also bugging from which stems the name bugs. They live in your home or garden – often unseen and unnoticed – just as your subconscious mind rests in your body without getting much conscious thoughts from you.

So insects often come in your dreams to depict thoughts and ideas that prevail in your subconscious mind.

Name of Insect Dream Interpretation
Dragonfly Dragonflies represent passion, change and regeneration.
Grasshopper On one hand these insects represent freedom and independence. These could also represent spiritual awakening or enlightenment. But these can also say that you are pretty indecisive about life and that you cannot stick to any commitment or decision.
Locust These insects that destroy crops are associated with devastation in general. These bring news of some kind of misfortune or unhappiness. These can also mean that your mind lacks nourishment for proper blooming and is eroding consequently.
Cricket These make you introspect.
Katydid You need to give in more efforts or you shall lose opportunities just because of your slipshod attitude and laidback orientation.
Earwig These are known to be enemies to people in leading positions.
Mantis They tell you that you are involved in something that would prove to be destructive for you.
Termite Termites represent that you are being attacked – it may not always be physical attack – it could be internal erosion of some kind too.
Cockroach Cockroaches are associated with the feeling of being unclean. However these are also known for their longevity and tenacity to survive all kinds of odds. They may also represent starting something all over again.
Beetle These are related to destruction. It may be that you are not being productive at work. These may also appear in dreams at times when you are probably feeling values and beliefs are leaving your side.
Fireflies These are associated differently in different cultures. In some cultures these are associated with loss or even unemployment, while others consider them exactly the opposite – messengers of success.
Scarab When you see these insects in your dreams you are probably thinking a lot about old age and even death. It may also mean that there has been some change in your life or surroundings to which you are unable to adapt to, and because of it you feel lost and disillusioned.
Ladybug These insects bring the news of good luck. These also represent beauty and grace.
Weevil These insects denote some kind of loss and deception.
Bed Bug Bed bugs bring the news of disgrace.
Lice Lice are annoying parasites that makes you feel unclean and distressed. Apart from these in a dream that may also represent guilt. If you see a body full of lice it may be suggestive of an impending illness. Cleaning lice from one’s body may express release from any anxiety or sorrow that you have been suffering from. Killing lice may suggest that you have been freed of something evil that was there with you for a while.
Butterfly From the positive perspective these may represent creativity and romance. They say that probably you feel the urge to settle down. They may also bring the news of long life, spiritual mold of mind and loads of joys and happiness. Or perhaps you are experiencing a transitional phase in your life. Negatively, these may represent restlessness and inconsistent behavior by a person who does not have a focus or direction in life.
Moth These represent flaws in one’s character or one’s weaknesses. These may also foretell of an irritant that you are unaware of and that which would surface only when it is too late.
Caterpillar When you see caterpillar in your dream it may mean that you have not been able to reach the goal you had in mind. It may also warn you of secret enemies who are perhaps trying to harm you. This may also be a message of failed romantic relationship.
Flies Flies are associated with notions like filth, dirt and irritation. These sneak in to your home, just like a thief may take shelter in your home. These may represent a person who is irritating, weak or slanderous, or may warn you of a plan that would not work.
Gnats These warn you that you are keeping evil company, and that deep within you are aware of the fact that this association will do you no good.
Gadfly These warn that you may face some kind of trouble in the near future.
Mosquitoes Mosquitoes drain blood out of your body. When they come in your dreams they imply that someone or something is robbing you of all your energy or resources. Gypsies consider that dreams about mosquitoes are warnings about petty enemies. Killing mosquitoes in your dreams would foretell the fact that you are ready to overcome all obstacles and conquer all hurdles.
Maggot These bring out your anxiety or fear about death, it may be your own or of someone who is close to you.
Flea When these come in your dreams, you have probably been provoked into anger or manipulated by someone to retaliate to certain words or situation. These may also suggest that you shall be subjected to malicious slander by people who shall indulge in negative campaigning about you.
Bee These insects are representative of virtues like harmony and creativity. These when appear in your dreams may bring hope of prosperity, good luck and general contentment. They also tell you that you shall be rewarded for your hard work. Farmers and beekeepers especially nurture these beliefs. Humming of bees denote confusion that is clouding the clarity of your vision. If you see a bee stinging it may forewarn of ill health, wound or accident.
Bumble Bee These bring the news of distress and also the fact that there may be impending problems.
Ant These insects have various associations in dreams. Tradesmen consider ants to be mascots of success. Farmers consider ants to bring good luck in harvest. Ants denote that you are restless and can work tirelessly. You are diligent and can expand your field of work. Ants represent cooperation and conformity. However, they may also mean that you are dissatisfied with life which leads to the restlessness. If you see that ants are crawling on your body it may be a forewarning of serious health issues that may even turn fatal.
Wasp When these appear in your dreams they probably bring out emotions like anger, envy and lure of negative temptations. These can also mean generic evil feelings of malice and vindictiveness. These may express your anxiety of separation from someone close to you. Positively, these may mean that you have the capability to stand up and fight for what you believe in.
Hornet When these appear in your dreams they are basically warning you of trouble & danger ahead

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