Cancer Financial Horoscope 2015 predicts of a year that would almost balance out your income and expenditure. Being a Cancer born native you are always a little too skeptical about everything around you. This is one attitude that you shall have to overcome during this year.

This year you should make wise investments in those arenas about which you have been unsure of in the past. If you are not confident to go ahead on your own, you can always seek the counsel of an experienced financial advisor. Astrologically speaking, from the planetary patterns that are noticed in your natal chart it can be stated that there would be two stages that the planet Jupiter would go through in your natal chart during the course of the year.

During the phase of beginning of the month of June to end of the month of September the planet Jupiter would go into a retrograde position; and this is the time when it is advisable for you not to make any financial investments, or expect too much from your source of income either. However, barring these few months there would be no dearth of opportunities for you to make up for this down period in terms of making money. All you have to do is to keep an eye so that you can grab an opportunity when one comes your way.

Your bank balance would boom beyond your expectation. For this to happen, the only thing that you would need to do is to stay focused. There would be many naysayers to distract you from your plans. You should not let your confidence falter listening to what others are saying. There would also be a rise in terms of incidental expenses, ones that you cannot avoid.

Financial Horoscope 2015

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To be able to meet such expenses it is advised that you work out a proper financial planning from the beginning of the year so that you build up upon your savings on which you can depend in the times of need. During the month of April, under the direct influence of Planet Jupiter, you shall have your income increased as a mark of reward for the hard work you put in at the place of your work. This would further boost your confidence and would motivate you to make wise use of the extra available moolah in futuristic ventures. Buying a property or a vehicle or a luxury item is also on the cards, but that is likely to happen only after the month of September.

Favorable Professions: Money would come more easily to those Cancer born natives who are involved in the following professions –

  • dairy industry
  • food industry and catering
  • counselors
  • teaching and academics
  • child care profession
  • real estate
  • petroleum industry
  • politics
  • artists
  • surgeons
  • legal profession