Creative, imaginative and emotional you are a person everyone would love to be associated with. You go through life with a strong protective shell around you – somewhat like a cocoon – and seldom resort to live in it for a considerable amount of time.

At all other times you are social and amicable making you a popular figure. Your innovative traits and organizational capabilities act as inspiration to many. You like to live life with a zest but follow the live and let live maxim.

Health – Your love for food is well known and people like to invite you to taste their savories whenever you are around. Also, you like to experiment in the kitchen. But you need to learn to space out your culinary experimentations and ventures for the sake of your poor stomach or otherwise there is a high chance of infection. Speaking of infection, your eyes may be susceptible to one in the first half of the year. Pick up healthy habits and include exercise in your daily routine to stay fit.

Career – You are a unique blend of fire and water signs. This means that on one side you are impulsive and like to spring into action head on at the slightest pretext, while on the other you respond to the world through emotions. You will excel well in creative arenas where your intelligence will be used to the optimum. On the other hand some of you are born athletes you find pleasure in sweating it out. You would do great in business networking.

Family – You are a person who holds dearly to your family. Your ancestry and heredity means a lot to you and you are always ready to support your family whenever they need you. Your devotion and dedication is unparalleled. You enjoy a strong association with food and more often than not you can whip up a storm in your kitchen that brings you many applauds. You are a kind and generous host and you like to head the table for many pleasurable dinners and lunches whereby your home gets filled up with warmth and cheerfulness.

Romance – You are a very caring and loving partner and your dedication and devotion is unmatched. You may not always be open about your emotions but deep within you are a very sensitive person. However if your loved one is threatened you emerge as the epitome of strength to shield your dear one from any damage. You may not acknowledge, but you also enjoy being taken care of and your heart always has a soft corner for tender loving care.

Finances – You should keep a control on your emotions when taking financial decisions. You are sharp and you do know to unravel the mystery of numbers. But sometimes your over indulging nature comes in the way. This year, beware of starting any new business venture. However, there is a high chance that you shall invest in an asset like home or property.


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