Cancer Love Horoscope 2015 predicts of a year when your nature and approach towards romance be much different from your general characteristics. Even in your physical encounters you shall come across as someone experimental and adventurous, someone ready to look beyond the mundane.

You shall feel confident and this would give you a radiance which would in turn imbibe a lot of positivity in your relationship. Your communication skills would be at their pinnacle. You shall present yourself as a person on whom your partner can heavily rely and look up to. Your sense of humor would bring in the element of fun in your romance.

Those of you who are in a fulfilling relationship should experience a smooth sailing year. If you are single, even if by choice, there may be sudden turns in events that would perhaps make you change your mind. Romantic encounters are on the cards and from then it would be a romantic joyride for you.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

Planet Pluto will sit in your natal chart in the house of relationships almost all through the year. As a result, you shall strive to be in power in your liaison. You shall also have the knack of building relationships with those in power. Planet Pluto would also be influential in forming strong bonds and transform relationships by taking them to the next level.

Planet Saturn was reigning in your sector of romance for quite some time now. This trend ends in the year 2015. As this phase comes to an end you shall immediately experience a lot of betterment and positivity. You shall be able to figure out whatever differences you had between the two of you. You shall also be able to take to your stride all the hurdles that were preventing you from nurturing a healthy bonding with your partner. With enhanced communication skills you shall be able to work out on any issue with confidence and ease.

The beginning of the year would also see Planet Mars exuding influence in your intimacy sector. This is the key factor behind the improvement in your communication and reaching out abilities. You shall feel closer to your partner. It would help you to overcome your characteristics clingy and over possessive attitude that at times becomes the root cause of suffering and frustration.

Suggestions for Amicable Compatibility:

Romance in the year 2015 would be a rosy journey for the Cancer born natives. You shall have to learn to bring a balance between your sense of possessive feeling on your partner and the sense of space in the relationship. Your partner should feel a sense of belonging, but that should not be too harsh to inculcate a feeling of suffocation. Subtle and soft modes of communication too can be as effective – be firm but not sarcastic in your approach. 

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