Capricorn Health Horoscope 2015 promises of a year that would not give you too much trouble as far as your health is concerned. However, this does not mean that you can subject your body to unruly habits and unhealthy food.

Health condition is mostly a give and take policy where if you give your body proper diet, care and exercise it returns the gifts with good immunity, strength and stamina. It is suggested that you develop a healthy lifestyle and prolong the good health conditions.

Ailments that may bother the natives:

Health is one of the sectors that would see major improvement in the year 2015 for the Capricorn born natives. You shall be blessed with strength and stamina and this would in turn help to improve your health conditions by boosting your immunity system. What you may suffer from in this year however are profession related ailments.

It is recommended that you improve your posture or else you may suffer from back aches and aches around your neck and shoulder. This is particularly applicable in case of aging Capricorns.

Some of you may also suffer from low blood pressure and anemia if you have been ignoring your diet and rest due to mounting work pressure. For the Capricorn females there is a chance of cervical problems.

You also may be accident prone during this year and may get nicks and cuts often. What is recommended is to seek professional help when any of your health problems is in the early stage so that it does not get the scope of blowing out of control.

Also if you have weight issues, it is recommended that you take it up seriously and work steadily towards achieving a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) – obesity otherwise can be the threshold through which many ailments would find entry into your body.

Dietary Requirements and Suggestions:

From the astrological point of view Capricorn born natives are related to the element Earth. As is common with inmates of an Earth Sign, you are susceptible to suffer from glandular and hormonal problems. To maintain a balanced state in your body it is vitally important that you take proper care of your dietary needs. It is recommended that you avoid fatty food and refined cereals like white rice and white flour.

Try to include some food in your diet that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids – this is abundantly found in fishes; but apart from that are also known to be present in flax seeds and walnuts. Simpler food like fresh juices and fruits would be easy on your body to digest. You are also recommended to pump up fiber rich food. Keeping your food less oily and spicy is a general good habit, and so is staying away from junk food. Caffeine intake including beverages like tea, coffee and sodas should also be limited.

Health Horoscope 2015

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