Capricorn Love Horoscope 2015 brings news of positive changes in your relationships. This is the time when you should take your commitments with utmost sincerity. As a Capricorn born native you are usually pretty serious all your relationships; and you have always given special emphasis to home and hearth.

This year would not be an exception; and the positions of the stars would be such that you shall be able to achieve all the positive changes that you have planned for yourself and your partner. Commitment is a big thing for you. You deliberate a lot before stepping into one; but once you do you live it out. You apply the same principle in case of choosing your partner too.

Loyalty and reliability are two key ingredients that you look in a relationship – whether or not you are in the giving or receiving end. You shall try to imbibe all these qualities in your romance in this year. Some of you may rekindle an old romance in this year. Some of you would consider severing a bond that is no longer working for you. Many of you would take your romance to the next level by getting engaged or even married.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

The two planets that would be most influential in the relationship sector of your natal chart for the year 2015 are Jupiter and Mars. There are a lot of things that would happen as a cumulative effect. You shall feel deeper and stronger bonds and your relationship would exude a powerful connect. Both emotional and physical romance would witness such intensity and intimacy. If you are not in a relationship, then this year you shall take up the journey to find the love of your life. You shall take efforts to be expressive about your needs and desires. You shall also be expressive about your inclinations and affections.

You shall be able to establish the element of trust with your partner, and it would be instrumental in giving your relationship a strong sense of security. You shall be naturally drawn towards people with common passion and the bonding would only grow closer with the passage of time. Although you are a devoted and loyal partner, there may be a temptation to rekindle an old flame. Do so only if you are sure of the consequences, and only when you have no commitment towards someone else.

Suggestions for Amicable Compatibility:

Astrologically speaking, 2015 would be a fulfilling year in love and romance. You shall be in a position of power. But with power comes responsibility. You shall also be responsible to let your partner have an equal footing on the platform of your relationship so that you can together create a balanced harmony. Communication should be open. Bottling up feelings and emotions have never resolved any issue. A good partnership is all about sharing and caring.

Love Horoscope 2015

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