Whether you are a struggling professional or someone who has reached the pinnacle, there is always an anxiety when it comes to one’s career and profession.

Career Horoscope 2015 helps you to have a clear knowledge about what to expect in the career front in the year 2015 based on your sun sign study from an astrological point of view. We at 123NewYear do not stop at just that.

We bring for you also suggestions that would help you to reach your target in your career front in the course of the year. Staying informed is the best way to take the right decision at the right time, and this makes a lot of difference in your career path.

Let us now have a look at the career prospects of the individual sun signs for the year 2015:

  • Aries – Aries often finds it difficult to stick to one career path. They enjoy chance and the excitement that a change always brings with it. However this many a times means a trail of unaccomplished assignments. If you continue this trend you may have to suffer in your career growth. However, if you learn to pursue a pre-conceived career goal, you shall be able to achieve pinnacles of success.


  • Taurus – You shall be very successful in your place of work. You shall win the love and support of your colleagues with your charming persona, and your intellect would help you earn respect. You shall prove yourself to be a reliable team leader to whom people shall be able to look up to. Your personal success would be important in the overall growth of your organization.


  • Gemini – You are intelligent and social, and these would help you to learn new skills and prove your worth in your organization. Your creativity would be looked up to. If you are contemplating change in your career course, this year is not the right time to do so. It is recommended that you stick to your current organization for the time being. However, within your organization you shall be blessed with growth and promotions.


  • Cancer – For you to succeed, you need to work hard of course. Along with that you should also have the knack to grab the right opportunity at the right time. If need be, you have to learn to sniff opportunities out of thin air. Your growth curve would keep following the upward pattern during the year 2015. But this means added responsibilities too. Build a network of trusted team mates to share the burden with.


  • Virgo – Self discipline and proper planning would help you achieve pinnacles of success in your career path. There would be too many distractions coming your way, but it would be best if you concentrated in your pre planned path of action. It would also be a great year to work on enhancing your skills. You may consider furthering your education or taking up a professional course.


  • Libra – There is a chance that you may find your work environment boring, and this may imbibe in you a sense of fatigue. You have to look for ways again to bring back the element of interest, fun and excitement to your work life so that you can give it your best. You may consider enrolling for higher education or get that latest professional certification done during this time.


  • Scorpio – You shall have to find harmony in your work environment. You may think that the lack of it may be due to external reasons, but you may find that the unrest may be internal. The best way to keep your calm is to keep yourself engrossed in hard work. Eventually it is your hard work that would bring you results.


  • Sagittarius – Your plan for your career sphere in the year 2015 would be to gain more power. However, you may not be able to accomplish this on your own. It may be a good idea for you to follow someone who would be able to chalk out a planned course of action that would bring you honor, success and authority. But remember not to get proud or egoistic.


  • Capricorn – You have to remain positive and diligent and these would be enough to secure you success in your career. However, you should be aware of hidden enemies who may be jealous of your career growth – you should not get bogged down by negativity. Jealous people may try to pull you down, so you have to exercise your tact and caution. You may expect promotion in your current place of work.


  • Aquarius – Your wandering spirit may cause trouble in your career growth. If you want stability in your career you shall first have to discipline your mind and learn to work abiding order and method. You shall have to establish yourself as a proven team player and find joy in the growth and development of your team and your company.


  • Pisces – To achieve more you have to give more. It is recommended for you to step out of your comfort zone in you wish to achieve something in your career front. You should be open to take calculated risks and be adventurous enough ti explore new options. Don’t let yourself stagnate, or your growth too would come to a standstill. You should establish both your team player quality and your leadership abilities.

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