When you dream you see various characters in them. These characters reflect various qualities and attributes. They are unique, and each of them has a story to tell.

Some are reflections of who you are, some show traits of people who are close to you. You may not be able to comprehend them at once. But careful analysis would deliver the message they want to convey.

Here are some characters with corresponding attributes of them when they appear in your dreams –


  • Acquaintance

You are still trying to come to terms with some traits in yourself.

If you are disputing an acquaintance you are perhaps rejecting some trait in yourself.


  • Actor/Actress

You want to pursue your personal pleasure.

You admire a particular celebrity.


  • Admiral

You are capable of tackling various problems in life.

You have confidence to take decisions in crucial matters.

It may represent authority or father figure.


  • Aliens

You are discovering unknown traits within yourself.

You want to escape from reality.

You are an imaginative soul.

You have had a sudden change in your surroundings.

You are having trouble adjusting to your environment and you feel out of place.


  • Angels

These represent the virtues in you.

You feel protected and comfortable.

You are travelling towards fulfillment and happiness.


  • Apprentice

You have to prove your worth before you gain trust and appreciation.


  • Architect

Your creativity has been put of test.


  • Artist

Creativity and ingenuity

Visualization of your situation in life


  • Athlete

You are overworking yourself to reach your target.

You have achieved a goal that you thought you could not attain.


  • Attorney

You need some kind of help, guidance, suggestion or advice.


  • Author

You have some story in your mind or some idea that you want to express.

You are thinking of better ways to express your feelings or ideas.



  • Baby

Symbolic of innocence and warm

You are perhaps ready to make new beginnings

You feel helpless


  • Bartender

You are eager to escape the humdrums of daily life


  • Bookkeeper

You need to be accountable for what you say or do

You are seeking harmony and balance in life


  • Boss

You are aware of the authoritative traits in you

You are confident of your superiority

You are seeking control

Depending on context it may denote your fear of authority

You feel answerable to someone


  • Boy Scout

Represents commitment, discipline and the fact that you are willing to help


  • Bride

You are looking forward to some kind of commitment

You desire to get married

  • Brother

Some aspect of your relationship with your brother gets expressed


  • Bus Driver

You possess leadership qualities with which you are leading or you are capable of leading a group


  • Cartoon Character

When you see a particular cartoon character it denotes certain characteristics that you associate with that character

Seeing someone as a cartoon character denotes that you do not attach much importance or seriousness to the person


  • Celebrities

You have a lot of desires and aspirations

You are pinning your hopes very high


  • Children

Denotes certain childlike characteristics in you

Perhaps you seek to be pure


  • Clown

May denote absurdity

May denote your childlike attributes or lighthearted nature


  • Co-worker

May be reflection of your relationship with your colleagues

May denote your competitive nature

May denote your deep involvement with your place of work


  • Daughter

May be reflection of your relationship with your daughter in real life or some traits in her that touch your heart in some way


  • Daughter-In-Law

An unexpected incident would occur that would stir your emotions


  • Dead

Forewarning of something negative

Forewarning of material loss

Nostalgia about someone deceased

Warning that you do not keep positive company


  • Demons

Some hidden hear or distressing emotion embedded in you

Physical or mental abuse in real life

Your better judgment has been clouded

You feel helpless


  • Dentist

Doubting your appearance

Doubting someone’s intentions


  • Detective

You are probably sensing some kind of danger

You are delving deep to find out hidden qualities in you

Expression of your guilty feelings


  • Devil

Denotes fear and limitations

Symbolizes enemies

Questioning morality


  • Doctor

Seeking healing – physical or spiritual

Medical conditions that traumatize you


  • Enemy

Contradiction and opposition


  • Engineer

Creations and joyful journeys for happy reunions


  • Fairy

You seek some kind of aid in life, as if you are asking for a miracle to change your life


  • Family

Depending on the context it could either mean warmth, love and full of security; or that you feel distanced from your family


  • Father

Denotes authority and protection

Feeing of self reliance

Nuances of your relationship with your father


  • Father-In-Law

Expression of your conscience and righteousness

Your thoughts and actions are influenced by someone


  • Fire Fighter

You feel cleansed and pure

You feel heroic or hopeful

Your attempt to stay level headed and patient

Your attempt to cool off anger


  • Fisherman

You are attempting to find some solution or some object


  • Foreigner

You are exploring some unknown traits in yourself


  • Friend

Your need to feel included and accepted


  • Genie

Your power of mind


  • Ghost

Some fear or regret that you have in life


  • Giant

Brings your struggle with some trait in yourself that you dislike or with some other person

Denotes obstacle or hurdle

Expresses that you feel dominated or inferior


  • Girl Scout

Denotes camaraderie

Denotes strong values and rightful behavior


  • God

Spiritual expression of divinity

What you consider to be perfect

Brings out your latent talents

Brings out remorse or rectification


  • Godmother

Need to be protected and secured

Seeking direction and advice


  • Grandparents

Denotes love, wisdom and protection


  • Guest

Temporary challenges in life

Temporary adventures in life


  • Gymnast

You are agile, strong and graceful


  • Husband

Brings out the various shades of your relationship with your husband


  • Judge

Sensing remorse or guilt

Fear of getting caught

Being judgmental

Seeking better judgment

Insecurity about being scrutinized, judged or criticized

Resolution of some kind of dispute


  • Jury

Passing judgment about yourself or others

Being over judgmental

Subjected to scrutiny


  • Kidnapper

Feeling of being trapped

Restrictions and limitations

Diversion from your focus

Suppressing characteristics


  • King

Power, control, success, prestige, luxury, masculinity, confidence


  • Knight

Security, honor, protection, loyalty, savior, virtues of character, power


  • Lawyer

You are concerned about some issue but your pride keeps you from seeking help. But if you reach out help would be readily available


  • Lover

Can depict some characteristics of your romantic relationship

Sense of acceptance

Being appreciated for who you are


  • Magician

Facing with some tricky task or situation


  • Mailman

Power of communication

Some message is being sent from your subconscious

You are carrying some message or communication that is important


  • Mariner

Travels and trips, especially pleasant ones to foreign lands


  • Martyr

Sacrifice in love

Sacrificing for others


  • Monk

Faith, enlightenment, devotion and spirituality


  • Mother

Shelter, affection, pure love, comfort, nurturing, responsibilities

Some aspect of your actual relationship with your mother


  • Mother-In-Law

Inner turmoil

Unresolved issues


  • Neighbor

Relocation from your present residence

Current status of your home – congenial or disappointing – whatever the situation may be


  • Nephew

Those traits in you that you need to accept and recognize


  • Newspaper Reporter

You are making some observation about your life consciously


  • Nurse


Power to heal




  • Patient

Experiencing a healing process


  • Pirate

Chaos in life

Emotional turmoil

Risk, freedom, adventure

Travelling to explore new lands

Ready to take up new ventures


  • Police

Honoring commitments

Authority, power and control

Morality and conscience


  • Prince

Self admiration

Happy about some qualities in you

Feeling important and grand


  • Princess

Luxury and feminine traits

Realization of your potentials


  • Scientist

Ability to think out of the box

Eccentric behavior

Invention and experimentation

Objective and rational thinking


  • Tailor

Creative behavior

Your attempt to fit in and be acceptable


  • Teacher

Seeking knowledge or guidance

Wisdom and learning


  • Thief

Feeling of losing someone or something


  • Tourist

Unsure of what you are up to

New places or surroundings


  • Victim

Being overpowered or oppressed


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