Christmas is the time to party and make endless fun and excitement. People in every sphere of life come forward to rejoice. This is the time when most of the offices host party for their employees.

Parties throw a golden opportunity to both employees and employers to mingle and make fun. It helps in building good rapport and understanding that goes a long way in establishing great relations. But, yes office parties require a lot of planning and decorations. If we talk about Christmas office decoration, there are lot of things that come into play.

  • Decide the venue.
  • Make a list of people who are expected to join the party.
  • Plan the budget in advance.
  • Finally, prepare a list of some must-haves of the party.
  • Remember, keep the things simple and great.


Top Christmas Office Decoration


After you have completed the planning, now it is time to go for some simple but great office decoration.

    • Lights: Well, when the question comes to Christmas decorations, lights have a major role to play. There are quite a good number of lights available today. You can go with soft and subtle lights as they throw a stunning effect to every party. Candles make a huge difference. For better options, you can also search some local stores.


    • Christmas Tree: Well, even a small Christmas tree can change the entire look of the party. Christmas party without the presence of Christmas tree misses the actual charm. So, if possible design a beautiful Christmas tree hanging attractive goodie bags, flowers, and colorful lights.


    • Balloons: Colorful balloons will lend a special effect to the party. You will find the balloons in many sizes. Include as much variety you can.


    • Christmas table: Well, Christmas table deserves a special mention. Include some exotic dishes in the menu. Chocolate pastries, apple pies, tarts, puddings, and brownies would surely apt for the day. Include both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. At last, decorate the table with some fancy message boards, colorful candles, and flowers.


    • Christmas gifts: Christmas is the time when you need to show your happiness and excitement by exchanging gifts with each other. Small corporate gifts do make a huge difference. Pens, pen stands, and gift baskets match to the festivity. They will always remind the employees of this thrilling day. Keep them a surprise for the day. If you have included the families of the employees, you can even get some colorful candies for the children.


  • Christmas Music: Finally, do not forget to turn on some great numbers for the day. They will add a cheerful ambiance to the party. “Jingle Bell” and “We wish you a merry Christmas” are some of the songs that you can choose to play.


Choose A Theme

You can choose between color scheme and theme to make Christmas Office Decorations interesting and memorable.

You can stick to conventional red and green with typical Christmas tree decorated with fake gifts, stars, bells, ribbons and glass bells; fake gifts hanging from the ceiling; garlands of artificial flowers intertwined with Christmas lights dangling along the window frame and around the perimeter of the wall and may be a blown up Santa miniature in the lobby.

You can also choose winter theme for Christmas office decorations and create a fake fireplace by hanging one on one of the walls. You can take help of the employees to cut out snowflakes of paper and hang them from the ceiling. You may spray some fake snow on the windows and accentuate the feel by secretly turning down the thermostat during tea or hot chocolate time at office.

Alternatively, you can take inspiration from classy decorations using only pure whites and silvers or such colors. You could use white tulle for drapes and silver balls as ornaments to go with it. Using silver and white snowflakes may add aesthetics to the d├ęcor. Not to mention, this theme of decoration may not be easy to incorporate, especially if your office is a large space. So, if you are passionate about it and can afford as well, take professional help at such Christmas office decorations.

Keeping It Inexpensive Yet Interesting

To keep office decorations inexpensive and least painful, buy cheap tree decoration accessories and may be even ask your staff to contribute with their decorations they do not use anymore at home. Not to mention, you can save money by re-using the Christmas office decorations from last year. So, if you are decorating your office for the first time, better keep the decorations safely and securely for later use.

You can also increase the bonding with staff by organizing a potluck dinner. Ask everyone to contribute at decorating the tree together with invitation to the potluck dinner, and see the decorations and festivities take off in no time at all.

Creative Ideas To Make Christmas Office Decorations Special

While decorating Christmas tree, you can include items from different religions and countries to add a secular feel to the tree. You can decorate the tree more with snowmen and Santa Clauses, which are favorite with all across cultures and religions. You can also write names of each co-worker on inexpensive glass balls with glitter glue or pen and decorate the Christmas tree with them. These and such small but considerate acts can make the festival season special for everyone.

Lastly, do not forget to keep your stresses behind before going for Christmas office party.

To conclude, good Christmas office decorations make the atmosphere joyful and relaxing. All it takes is little planning and you are sure to win your employees’ hearts.


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