Since times immemorial colors have been associated with various emotions. Colors have always played an important role in dream imagery or symbolism.

Dreaming of colors is a very common phenomenon and from ancient times till present date the colors visualized in a dream are used to interpret the emotional conditions of the dreamer. Each color is attached great importance to interpret various experiences of life and reactions thereof.

Well, we all know that color spectrum is a huge one. And each color in the spectrum has its own significance.

Here we discuss some of the common colors that people report seeing in their dreams, and the meanings thereof –

Color Interpretation
Beige This is the color that represents detachment. Probably you feel alienated from something or someone. Or perhaps you are neutral about a situation. This color may also be a warning that the communication channel is missing somewhere.
Black Black is generally associated with the time when you have either isolated yourself from someone or something, or feel that you have been isolated whether by design or not. This color may also be representative of a transition period in life. Black is the color that suggests you are probably grieving about something or you are feeling unhappy. This color is also a representation of the various conflicts that you experience in your life including but not limited to the various relationships, or within yourself.
Blue Blue is the color that suggests that you have found inner peace and are contented with the situation in life that you are in at present.
Brown Analysts consider that brown is a very auspicious color to dream of. Brown speaks of success and financial contentment. Brown says that you feel free and happy from within. Brown also symbolizes unions that would last long.
Gray Here the emotion that you experience while seeing the dream is important. If you feel down and see a dull version of the gray color, then you probably fear something or are anxious about something. Otherwise it may represent a transitional phase that you may be facing in life, internal or otherwise.
Green Green represents growth. Green brings you peace and serenity. Green also symbolizes your zeal and zest for life. Green also says that you can seek pleasure out of simple things in life.
Orange The color orange is symbolic of the fact that you have a lot of passion.
Pink This color is all about tender emotions and gentle love.
Purple This is the color of creativity. This color also represents your aspirations and foresight.
Red This is the color that indicates your emotions – it tells of the fiery passion embedded in you.
Turquoise This color is considered to be a good luck charm and is indicative of success.
White Apart from peace this color spells reliability too. It may also suggest of energy and vitality in abundance.

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