Known to the world as the “sugar Bowl of the world” Cuba is a one of a kind place to be in. The fabled Cuban lands have been long heard of, how the Cubans have stuck on to their traditions and their exoticness, and adding to it a little twist with modern flavours, is nothing short of a traveller’s dream.

When you enter the land you are immersed in their music and culture, a flavour so distinct that it is almost impossible to find an equivalent in any other place.

So when planning for a Cuban getaway, be assured that the land shall enthral and delight you completely, it shall hold your heart captive as you dance away to the Rumba music while the Caribbean takes delight in casting that magical spell on you. So to help you plan a magical Cuban New Year’s eve getaway, here are a few things that you can indulge your senses in.

Considering the fact that January 1st is not only New Year’s Day but also the Cuban Liberation Day, hence this day is actually celebrated with zest panache and a big bang. With fireworks and carnivals there is always something to do in Cuba and as you travel from one exotic location to another it is impossible not to fall in love with the place.

 To make it easier let us cite a few reasons to look forward to the place

  • The Unbelievably Happy and Helpful People:

The first thing that you notice when you enter Cuba be it Havana or Trinidad is the sea of happy faces that greet you, it is almost unbelievable, people go out of their way to help you , guide you direct you and when at some nightclub or bar at night time, drinking with the Cuban people is an experience, they will raise toasts and tell you anecdotes that get you rolling in your seat, all in all they ensure that you have a wonderful time, and a lovely stay in Cuba.


  • The Music:

Music plays a very important role in the Cuban way of life, you may have heard of the Cuban drums, but almost everywhere you turn in Cuba you will hear music floating through the air, in every street and every house you might find the sound of good Music. Street artist greet you and serenade you wherever you may meet them and if that is not enough, the proof of Cuban delight can be heard in Havana by Kenny G, so you can well imagine what Cuba does to a person.

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  • The Dance:

Where there is music can dance be far behind, the street carnival and festivals along with people who Rumba their ways into the night, the lovely exotic dancers and couples energetically dancing, it definitely is a beautiful site and if you do have any dancing, rhythmic moves in your body a local will gladly teach you how to Rumba.

  • The Food:

The exotic country, offers to a varied palette, from breakfast omelettes, fresh fruits and juice, you can indulge in other meaty varieties like, fish, lobster, pork, beef etc. Do not worry, the Cubans keep your palettes satiated on New Year’s

  • The Ambience:

The electrifying feel of the New Year’s as well as liberation day is unparalleled in Cuba, be it nightclubs or beach parties there is something for everyone, so go the Cuban way and have an amazing Cuban New Year’s.

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