New Year Eve is always a special event, so is the first day of coming 2019. Have you planned for the day?

In case you are looking for a fun packed evening with your friends and family on that special day, Disneyland can be the perfect destination for you.

Disneyland offers plethora of rides and attractions and during New Year fest the park authority adds number of rides and entertaining events.

In fact Disneyland authority arranges lots of activity, party favors, music, noise makers, hats, and more for all the guests assembled in the park. In 2019 the park will remain open from 8am to 3am.

You have to purchase special tickets for participating in New Year special events in Disneyland.

Consider a few facts before planning

However spending New Years Eve in Disneyland can be a bit expensive but its worthy expense because the arrangements are so far the best. One line of caution: those who hate crowd better to avoid this place because they will be extremely irritated. The park remains crowded in common days as it is, in this special day, places like “Its small world” zone and New Orleans Square remains jam packed as it gets difficult to walk from one shop to another. The best solution for this maneuverity is to strain some events in advance and let go some items for the sake of being in proper mood. Meticulous planning albeit some restriction is enjoyment can shape a gala evening for you for sure.

Planning for the day

Getting special ticket is a hectic course this time. Plan your ticket before or book the ticket online. This will save your hassle from standing in long queue. Get the ride and event chart of the day in advance. Plan with your spouse and kids what items they do prefer. Listen everybody’s requirement and finalize some events. Famous rides like Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn, and Space Mountain attracts huge traffic hence, long queue gets formed there. The safest way to enjoy these popular items is to come earlier to the park and enjoy the best rides at the earliest.

EZ Pass Station

EZ Pass Station is another hub for some great rides of this Amusement world. You need to plan here in advance that which are the rides you will enjoy today. If you are looking for budget planning go for the group tickets where you can enjoy some specific rides at a budget rate. In case you have no worry about wallet management go for the New Year Eve specials. EZ pass rides are subject to be scheduling throughout the day. You must try to cover these rides before lunch otherwise you will have to face long lines and long waiting non-productive, boring hours.

Have your lunch in time

People plan their lunch around mid noon. Therefore during this time lines for rides remain shorter. You can utilize this lunch hour advantage if you plan your lunch a little earlier, between 11-11.30 am. This trick will help you to enjoy some rides on lunch hour. Well, you may feel hungry at around 3.30-4 pm. Take a small meal then. Your tummy and mind will be all satisfied. Immediately after the lunch do not go for a mega hit ride; rather target a less popular one. You will be at ease and you will be able to enjoy the ride without much hassle of waiting in long queues. The rides from New Orleans Square as well as from Splash Mountain will be best options for these rides.

Move for Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Land is a small island part of Disneyland and little away from main Disneyland. This is an artificial island surrounded by Rivers. The island contains places like caves and provides ample exciting opportunities for adventure, climbing, and scenic spots, etc. Here you can take good rest and allow your kids to take some rest if they wish. After a small nap you will be rejuvenated and you can get fully prepared to enjoy more fun and excitement in the Disneyland on the New Year Eve. One line of caution: don’t allow you kids that while you are taking rest, not to attempt to ride the boat back to New Orleans. Crossing the river can be extremely dangerous for the kids alone. Either of the parents should accompany kids while they are on boat.

Spending early evening in Disneyland

Now the focus of the Disneyland remains on the parade. The parade runs through the Main Street. For obvious reason crowd flocks on the route of the parade. Your family members may insist to watch and enjoy the parade but you better convince them to sacrifice the plan to watch this parade. Instead insist them to enjoy some popular rides meanwhile. As most of the enthusiasts will be busy watching parade, you will get the ride queues comparatively free; at least this will be applicable for some rides at least.

Get ready for fire show

Now, you will find that the crowd will be thinning. It is the time for most of the people to go back at home. Children at the most get exhausted by this time. By this time you have enjoyed most of the rides and surely have joined in some New Year special events also. It is high time to have dinner, do some shopping and then secure a good position on the main street to watch and enjoy the much awaited fireworks show. The show usually starts after 9pm.

Enjoy the show

Now you can watch the fireworks show from the min Street. The light reaches the sky above the Cinderella’s Castle. The light and the festive music kindle joy and merriment all around. After fireworks it starts snow fall on the Main Street.

Another option

In case you want to enjoy the firework show in Disneyland far from this madding crowd, you may avail another budget option. There is another island and a travel package called Disney’s California Adventure. It is a travel and amusement park adjacent to Disneyland. The park remains less crowded even in the NEW Year Eve. The rides of this park are enjoyable although has not earned yet that popularity of Disneyland main. You may book ticket to this place and enjoy the whole day here. This amusement park has its shopping corner and Parade provision so you will be enjoying a lot. The best part is the famous Disneyland firework show is absolutely visible from here.

While going out from Disneyland, take a shuttle to reach at the parking area. It will also help you to avoid the crowd. Once you reach fast at perking, it will be easier to get your vehicle out of the place hassle free.

Now this can be the blue print of your plan for enjoying New Year Eve at Disneyland. However, now you have to some homework about the New Year special events and what are options of booking tickets etc. However visiting Disneyland is a whole day venture, and it is pretty expensive too. Here a few tips are mentioned, which may help you to cover this venture in hassle free and stress manner.

  1. You must enter the place early in the morning of New Year and must prepare your mind set to stay there till night. Most of the parks in this day do not allow further admittance after midday. Therefore park hopping on New Year day is strictly not solicited.
  2. There is a misconception that people who stay at Disney resort will have a guaranteed admittance is all Disney Parks. Well, it is not that in reality. As a Disney resort visitor you will have preference definitely in Disney parks but not necessary that the selection will be according to your option.
  3. You must rent a locker while in the park. It will help you to move freely. Weather may be an issue anytime, so you should not forget bringing your rain gears.
  4. Fast passes get quickly exhausted here in Disneyland. In case you are given any special discount/offer, try to consume it at the earliest.
  5. In case you want to enjoy selected amusements in the park on New Year Eve, it is suggested that you must collect a time guide to known about all the special attractions to be held on that day. Availing instant information will be too marginal a plan and may not work even in most of the cases. Especially mid-night firework is a hot in demand event. You must learn its details for hassle free enjoying of the celebration.
  6. Have light lunch and dinner. Heavy lunch or dinner will be hectic for enjoying the day.

Planning New Year Eve in Disneyland is an extensive program. Therefore it is safe to plan the entire program in advance. Disneyland website posts all information about new rides and special events on New Year Eve. It will be safer to accumulate all relevant information before booking the ticket.

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