Financial Horoscope 2015 attempts to put your mind to rest about how you shall fare financially in the year 2015. Money matters are all about balancing the three ‘I’-s – income, investments and indulgences.

Some of it depends on what you do. But there are other factors that are often out of human control and the astrological predictions help you to have a basic foresight of what those unforeseen factors may be.

Here we bring for you a brief yet comprehensive outline of the Financial Horoscope of the twelve sun signs of the zodiac system for the year 2015 —


Money is not what you would need to worry about. Income would be surplus and your investments would also prosper. You shall not be bound by any debts or losses either. However, there is likely to be unexpected expenditures that would be unavoidable. This means you shall have to balance your income and indulgences from the very beginning so that you do not feel pressurized to meet these necessary expenditures.


Your careful planning and practical approach would bring you a productive year in terms of finances. This year a lot of your money would come from your professional income where the money inflow would be directly proportional to the effort you shall put in. You shall have some big investment plans as well and the configuration of the stars would make sure that you get big returns. This means you can leave some room for indulgences, albeit calculated ones.


This is the year when your focus should shift from income and savings to proper financial management. There is no use of having the money as long as you cannot put that money to proper use. Get help from a professional if required and put your money to good futuristic use. This is a good year to invest in real estate – be it a land or a home.


This is going to be a great year in terms of money. Income would increase whether you are employed or in business. Increase in inflow of money is more likely to happen in the second half of the year. There would be money coming in from unexpected sources too – like gifts, endowments, repayment of loans etc. This is the right time to make proper investments so that you never have to look back as far as money is concerned.


The year would be an average one in terms of finances. You should make sure that you restrain yourself from making any big ticket purchases or indulgent expenditures if you want to hold on to the income you shall have. Some of you may even consider refinancing your loans. It is also recommended that you refrain from entering into any financial contract or debt during the course of the year.


The year would be an easy going one in terms of finances with an increase in your income. As per your innate traits you are very calculative, and this characteristic comes very handy when handling the matters of finances. This is an auspicious year to make investments, both long term ones and short term ones. If you had some money blocked somewhere, you may finally get it back this year.


This would turn out to be a promising year in terms of money. Most of your money would come in from your professional income where there is likely to be increase in responsibilities that would also bring you an increase in pay package. It is more likely than not that you shall consider making investments to increase your money. But it is recommended that you study the market well and take professional help.


Your financial scenario would start to improve drastically, and it would only keep growing better with time during the course of the year. There would be a hike in your income sometime in the middle of the year. If you have been facing any hurdle in terms of getting returns from investments, they shall start fading away. If you have some loans, you shall be able to repay it.


This is a year that can ring in some challenges in terms of finances. It is suggested that you reduce your expenses and start saving up for the rainy day. There may be a change in the job scenario or perhaps a relocation that would entail a lot of expenditure, and you should be prepared to handle it as and when it comes. A proper financial planning would be highly essential to sail through.


This would be a stable financial year for you largely because of the fact that you have mastered the art of managing your finances finally. There would be an increase in your income. Apart from that you shall come across other opportunities to earn money. But you should not get carried away by this extra available money. Hold back your urge to indulge, and instead make proper investments to make the good times last for long.


The beginning of the year may baffle you by bringing your way some sudden unexpected expenditure. However, things are likely to stabilize as the year would progress; although any financial windfall is not predicted to happen during the course of this year. Manage your income and expenditure well so that you can sail through.


Finance would depend on the choices you make in the course of the year. There would come your way opportunities to make money – now whether you grab them or simply let them go is a choice that would decide how you would fare financially. But the good news is that you shall be inclined to be frugal in your attitude in terms of money, and this would help you to make the best of what is available to you.

Financial Horoscope 2015

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