A festival is one of the best times for kids as they get an off from schools and have merriment on the day. Children of countries and cultures celebrating the Chinese New Year also eagerly wait for this festival.

It is one of the most notable of all holidays in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. It marks the end of a year and the beginning of a fresh one. Holidays in school often starts from the last day of the Chinese calendar to the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese New Year. With so many holidays granted to them, kids are the one who get to enjoy the festival the most.

Fun with preparations

As the last day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar approaches closer, preparation starts in every household. People start cleaning up their homes and decorating their places. The commencement of the preparations is an indication for young kids that a major festival is around the corner and that they would get to have loads of fun during this period. Most parents also engage their kids in adorning the house during the Chinese New Year festival to keep them distracted from getting into mischief and encouraging them to come up with creative home decoration ideas.

Dressing up

Chinese New Year being a major festival in the Chinese calendar of events, kids eagerly awaits new dresses and colorful clothing to be brought for them. Most parents prefer to buy bright colored outfits for their kids to look dazzling during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Red is the most dominant color seen in the collection of Chinese kids’ costumes as it is believed to be a color that brings good luck and sweeps off evil forces of the past year. Kids come out in their best clothes on the streets for commemorating the major event. The look of happiness and excitement on the faces of young kids to ring in the New Year become more palpable.

Digging into traditional savories

Most households celebrating the Chinese New Year prepare traditional dishes to please the Kitchen God. They also offer sacrifice and food such as fruits, desserts to God during the festival to attract the blessings of their deity. The preference of kids in food is also kept in mind when preparing the dishes. Kids are served food after the God is offered with traditional meals. Savories prepared mainly for this festival also rank favorite among most of the kids. Proper attention is given to ensure that the kid’s platter is arranged in a way that it looks tempting as kids get aroused to eat the dishes not only when they taste good but also when they look delicious and smell good.

Crafts For kids

Most Chinese New Year Parties see craft-making sessions being organized especially for kids to keep them busy on the big festival day. Colorful craft making instruments and equipment are supplied to help kids craft something unique, bright and interesting with execution of their ideas. It works well not only to keep the kids engaged and distracted from clinging to their parents but also ignites their creative thinking to help them craft beautiful pieces. Parents can also provide a helping hand to their kids in making crafts and do tasks that require precision to make the craft piece.

Games for Kids

Kids have a whale of time during Chinese New Year celebrations as most of the games held are meant only for them. It is a time they eagerly look forward to as they get to be a part of the interesting line up of events and games. Party planners have to come up with new games that can amuse kids and keep them busy for most part of the big festival night.

Interesting Sights and Sounds to Capture

With parades taken out on the streets as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, kids get to capture some highly dazzling sights and sounds. The festival just doubles the merriment of kids as Dragon dance performances, Kung-Fu demonstrations, musical nights, brightly lit up bazaars, night stage shows and other entertaining and fun activities for kids arranged during this time brings more smiles on the faces of young ones. Fireworks bursting out in the open sky are also a sight that kids do not like to miss out on during the Chinese New Year celebrations. They crowd the street and come out with in the open spaces to witness the spectacle that fills up the streets and the skies as part of the festive celebrations.

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