Flirty and fun characters of Gemini mingle with the deep emotions and wisdom of Cancer to form a personality that oozes charm and charisma of its own. You have the capability to get inspired from your surroundings and create something extraordinary.

This makes others look up to you with awe. You have a magnetic personality with great conversational skills. However, the dual nature of Gemini and the influence of the Moon on the Cancer part of your traits make you resort to a gloomy mood once in a while.

But fortunately you are not a loner fundamentally. Soon you again bounce back to your charming self and win hearts with your warmth.

Health – Be careful about ailments related to your heart. If you have cholesterol or are obese, try to take control of the situation or you may face some serious health issues. However, the troubles will remain restricted to the first half of the year mostly. The second half of the year will be more or less good apart from minor problems like cold, cough or flu. Consider making lifestyle modifications for health benefits.

Career – You are blessed with the dual nature of Gemini and you can access any situation by considering all sides of it. Also, the influence of Cancer helps you to build a shell around yourself and this ensures that you are not shattered that easily. This helps you to shine in your career. You are a team player and your teammates like your family spirit.

Family – You are very attached to your family. You share a special bond with all the branches of your family especially your siblings. You have a strong interest in heredity and ancestry and you are extremely caring about your family and relatives. Your life centers around your home and you like to propagate your family. You are capable of deep attachments and your love will be reciprocated by your family.

Romance – When you are in love you give it your hundred percent. You are flirtatious and playful and fill up the life of your partner with beautiful romantic moments. Your affectionate nature makes you develop deep attachment with your partner and you turn out to be one of the most caring partners. However, sometimes you tend to resort to moodiness and this feeling of blue can affect your relationship. Otherwise your partner will be lucky to experience romantic dinners and candle light coziness long after other sun signs lose romanticism in their relationships.

Finances – If you have major plans of investment, get them all done in the first half of the year. The second half of the year is not recommended for any kind of investment. Also, refrain from being influenced by anyone while taking any monetary decisions – no matter how close the person may be otherwise or how much you may depend on the person in your life. Expenses will be high till the middle of the year. Try to make an investment in a new home or property.


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