Gemini Health Horoscope 2015 suggests that you start taking more care about your body and soul or you may repeatedly suffer from bouts of illnesses. It is recommended that you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Along with that it is also suggested that you try to boost your immunity system so that it helps you combat the diseases. Meditation and yoga along with natural therapies in the form of home remedies perhaps would help you to stay fit without suffering from any negative side effect.

Finally, remember that a healthy mind is important for a healthy body. So it is important that you stay happy and positive.

Ailments that may bother the natives:

Multi tasking is good as far as the other spheres of your life are concerned, but when it comes to health it may often signify overwork and the related stress. The Gemini born natives are prone to infections during the year 2015. The possibilities of catching them are higher during the early months of the year. You should be especially aware of infections in your respiratory tract.

This may mean something as common as cold or cough or something a little more serious like pneumonia. Also stomach infections can bother you on and off. The months of February to May probably shall see you under the weather pretty frequently. This is time when you should also keep a sharp eye on your lifestyle and habits so that you do not gain weight. Excessive weight can again bring your way lifestyle related ailments like imbalance in your lipid profile and blood sugar levels.

Lack of exercise can also cause stiffness of muscles around the shoulders, neck and back. Arthritis and various forms of joint pains too may put you off, especially if you are aging. Post September however the things would start looking better in your health sector and you shall overcome by taking all the ailments to your stride.

Dietary Requirements and Suggestions:

The Gemini born natives are astrologically assigned the element Air. As such these people are flighty and usually known to be very active, and at times even restless. As such, it is recommended to plan a diet for yourself that would adequately supply you a steady source of energy.

Nuts rank highest in this aspect and walnuts and almonds and even to some extent pistachios taken in a measured amount are known to supply this source of energy without creating any trouble with the cholesterol level. Also, you are predicted to be prone to infection during the course of the year.

Due to this it is recommended that you increase your intake of fluids in the form of fresh fruits and juices, herbal tea etc, but restrict the intake of caffeine. Also Vitamin C enriched food like oranges, lemons, broccoli, sprouts, plantains etc would help you fight away the infections.

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