Gemini Love Horoscope 2015 paints a picture of transformation – transformation that is profound and all encompassing, transformation not only in your relationship, but also to your persona. You may find yourself getting magnetically attracted to someone – a feeling that is perhaps beyond all logic.

Here is when you have to learn to exercise control and caution. You may go with the flow, but chances are that the fickle minded nature that is so intrinsic of Gemini would hold you back often bringing to your mind a plethora of questions and dilemmas. The best approach would be to find logic in what your heart says and convert it to a conviction so that you do not back out of it later.

Control games, manipulations, display of attitude would take you forward only to a certain extent, but from there it would be you and your heart. So you should learn to read the signals of your heart well and respond to them accordingly. Those in a long standing relationship may find some subtle changes in your partner – you should know the root cause, and then decide on how to act upon it.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

There would be some conflicting planetary influences in your love life during the year 2015. Planet Pluto would rein the relationship sector of your natal chart mostly round the year and this would ensure deep and sincere connections that would culminate to lifelong bonding. Planet Saturn also has an influence in your intimacy sector making you sincere and more serious about matters of the heart. You feel that there is a change within you that encourages you to move from the go with the flow attitude to a more decision oriented approach.

During the middle of the year there would be a strange positioning of the stars. Planet Mercury goes retrograde in the relationship sector, while a lunar eclipse too occurs in this sector at the same time. The confluence may result in some turbulence in your love and relationships. Some of you may even experience a break up during this phase. This is also the time when you may get tempted to find love outside your present partnership.

This phase passes with the entry of Planet Mars which brings more stability and good judgment. It would help you to find that one person with whom you shall want to spend the rest of your life. You shall experience the security, stability and goodness of a committed relationship. You are more open to give and receive affection unconditionally at this point. For those who are single this would be an excellent time to meet someone new. For those who are committed, it would be a great time to consider wedding vows.

Suggestions for Amicable Compatibility:

To enjoy a more fulfilling relationship you have to be more responsible and committed. Your approach should be sincere and not casual.

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